TUM Asia offers a variety of scholarships and grants for our graduate students.

These awards are highly competitive and are given in recognition of students with outstanding academic achievements, strong leadership qualities, good moral character as well as good recommendations or testimonials.

Scholarships for degrees in Singapore offered at TUM Asia range from full scholarships to semester-based scholarships. Applications for MSc scholarships are generally made concurrently with the application for admission to a graduate programme, whereas semester-based scholarships are applied with first or subsequent semester results.

Available scholarships awarded to postgraduate programmes (subject to eligibility and availability):

  • MSc Scholarships*
  • EDB-Industrial Postgraduate programme (IPP) Grants
  • Industry Scholarships
  • TUM Asia-DAAD Scholarships

For graduates with Master qualifications, you may consider pursuing your PhD via the Industrial PhD programme:

  • Industrial PhD Programme (IPP) – Find out more under “Research & Career”

*Terms & Conditions apply. All Scholarships are limited and subject to availability.  


Available for all Master of Science programmes.

TUM Asia offers a variety of limited bond-free MSc scholarships* of varying percentage off the tuition fees for deserving students.

Eligibility Criteria (for selection):

Open to both international students and Singapore citizens/PRs applying to our Master of Science degree programmes. Our bond-free scholarships will be awarded based on the following:

  • Excellent academic results
  • Good industrial background (if any)
  • Strong recommendations/testimonials

*Terms & Conditions apply. All Scholarships are limited and subject to availability. To qualify for the consideration of the MSc Scholarships, applicants must be offered admissions into the MSc programmes before 31 March of the current intake. Scholarship applications with essay submissions must be sent in by 31 March of the current intake. 


Our MSc scholarships are available in the following categories:

1. Academic Distinction scholarship

  • Awarded to high-quality candidates in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements.
  • All candidates will be automatically assessed by our Scholarship Committee based on academic merit and final grades submitted during the application period.
  • Applicants do not need to apply for this scholarship separately. All applicants who meet all academic and admission requirements or have successfully received an admissions offer into one of our MSc programmes will be automatically considered for the Academic Distinction scholarship.

2. ASEAN scholarship

  • This scholarship is open to nationals of ASEAN member countries (including Singaporeans).
  • Applicants must have successfully received an admissions offer into one of our MSc programmes and have made payment of the Registration Fee before they can apply.
  • Essay: Please explain in 500 words (maximum) why you are deserving of the ASEAN Scholarship.

3. Women in STEM scholarship

  • This scholarship aims to empower exceptional female candidates and help them maximise opportunities in STEM-related careers.
  • This scholarship is open to all female candidates.
  • Applicants must have successfully received an admissions offer into one of our MSc programmes and have made payment of the Registration Fee before they can apply.
  • Essay: Please explain in 500 words (maximum) why you are deserving of the Women in STEM Scholarship.


The scholarships listed above are non-stackable with each other. Should an applicant successfully receive more than one of the above scholarships, the scholarship of the higher/highest tier will be awarded to the applicant.

The number of bond-free MSc scholarships awarded to applicants varies yearly. Successful applicant(s) will be informed accordingly by the TUM Asia Office of Admission between the months of April to June. For more information on our MSc scholarships, please email

Brochure Download:

Please click here to download our latest Scholarship Brochure.

EDB-Industrial Postgraduate Programme (IPP) Grant

Available for the Master of Science in Integrated Circuit Design (ICD) programme only.

The Industrial Postgraduate Programme, developed by Singapore’s Economic Development Board (EDB), aims to provide postgraduate students with industry relevant training in preparation for Research & Development (R&D) roles in industry, and concurrently help companies to attract talent to fill their R&D roles. This is achieved through postgraduate training conducted in Universities and corporate R&D facilities. The Industrial Postgraduate Programme Grant to participating companies supports training positions which provide postgraduate training to eligible candidates, to prepare them for research-intensive roles with strong industry relevance and focus.

EDB-IPP Trainee Eligibility

  • The trainee must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • The trainee must not be receiving concurrent funding under any EDB grant schemes, or, regardless of the awarding body, any bursaries or scholarships.
  • The trainee must meet the prevailing admission criteria for the MSc in Integrated Circuit Design programme. Note that this EDB-IPP applies solely for the MSc in Integrated Circuit Design programme.
  • There is no bond requirement. The trainee can be either a new hire or existing employee of the company.
  • Each trainee will be placed under an Integrated Circuit Design (ICD) Training Position, in which he/she will be enrolled for the MSc in Integrated Circuit Design programme, while undertaking a research project under their company’s supervision for the purposes of completion of the thesis component for his/her Master degree.
  • The Training Period for each ICD Training Position is for up to a cumulative 2 years, commencing:
    • when the Trainee becomes an employee of the Company; or
    • when the Trainee is enrolled as a full-time postgraduate student at the University under the programme;
    • whichever is later
  • The Training Period ceases:
    • upon the end of the 2-year support period from the commencement date for the ICD Training Position; or
    • upon thesis submission by the trainee;
    • whichever is earlier.
  • Each trainee should spend at least 50% of the Training Period working on the research project at the company’s R&D facilities in Singapore.

Sponsorship Terms of Grant

Grant Component EDB’s support per Training Position
(a) Fixed Monthly Allowance Fixed rate of S$3,500 per month
(b) Trainee postgraduate tuition fees 1 100% of the fees that are published by the University
(c) Research grant funding for Project 2 50%, capped at S$25,000 for the MSc in ICD Training Position

1 Items which may be claimed under this grant component include: tuition fees, examination registration fees, and fees for other mandatory academic activities. All taxes, including but not limited to GST, are not claimable.
2 Items which may be claimed under this grant component must be related to the Project, and include: (i) funds paid to University for usage of lab equipment/consumables at the University R&D laboratory, or software procured for the completion of the academic degree; (ii) funds paid to University to cover overhead charges incurred at the University R&D laboratory; and (iii) funds paid to University and Trainee for publication of research work and participation in research conferences (including the overseas travel expense incurred for such conferences, such as travel insurance, accommodation, meals, local transportation). All taxes, including but not limited to GST, are not claimable.

How to Apply

Interested applicants please write in to

EDB-IPP Company Eligibility

Interested companies will jointly craft research projects with identified TUM Asia faculty, before submitting the research proposal to EDB for consideration.

Eligibility Criteria for Companies

  • The company must be a Singapore-based entity.
  • The company must possess the capacity and ability to craft and complete an industrial Master project with the academic partner.
  • ​​​​​​​​​The company must assign suitable company R&D leaders to be supervisors.
  • The company should have a good track record of research activities.
  • The company shall appoint, in respect of each Trainee, a non-academic supervisor (known as the Company Supervisor) who has the relevant qualifications and technical competencies, whose role will not include assessing whether the Trainee has met the University’s postgraduate degree requirements.
  • The company must demonstrate commitment to support trainee(s) towards attaining the Master in Integrated Circuit Design degree within the stipulated candidature.

Contractual Agreement & Intellectual Property Arrangements

  • The company will work with TUM Asia to formulate a contractual agreement for each research project undertaken by the IPP trainee, the company and TUM Asia.
  • The agreement will include clauses related to salary, tuition fees, the extent of commitment by all involved parties, conference travel, insurance, publications, consumables, utilisation of equipment and any other indirect costs which may arise during the IPP.
  • The Intellectual Property agreement will be discussed between the company and TUM Asia.

Company’s contributions

  • Supervision and hosting of each trainee at research facility.
  • Co-share research grant to academic faculties for cost incurred at faculties (capped at S$12,500 per MSc in ICD trainee).
  • Funds all other costs related to IPP project and IPP trainee-incurred expenses (eg. insurance, equipment, travel, conferences, publications, etc).

Companies who wish to participate in the IPP can email​ for more information.​

TUM Asia’s Roles and Responsibilities

  • TUM Asia and the trainee’s host company shall agree on the research project or projects to be undertaken by each Trainee for the purposes of completion of the thesis component for his/her Master degree.
  • TUM Asia shall appoint an academic supervisor who will assess whether the trainee has met the University’s Master degree requirements.
  • TUM Asia may at its discretion appoint the non-academic supervisor appointed by the company as an academic co-supervisor, provided that such supervisor is so qualified.  Any such appointment is to be made in writing and communicated to the Company by a duly authorised representative of TUM Asia.
  • TUM Asia shall provide written endorsement that:
    • Each project fulfills the standards of academic rigour required for the Master candidature in ICD; and
    • Each proposed Company Supervisor has the relevant qualification and technical competence to supervise the Trainee.
  • The University shall, where there is no prior arrangement between it and the company as to the ownership of intellectual property rights arising from the trainee’s participation in the programme, conclude an agreement with the company on the same.
  • The academic and non-academic supervisors shall cooperate to ensure that the trainee receives the training envisaged by the implementation of the programme.

Available for Master of Science programmes 

Limited scholarships from renowned partners and organisations in the industry may be available to outstanding students. The selection for scholarship recipients is at the discretion of the relevant industry sponsors. These may be full or partial coverage of the tuition fees and in some cases, a monthly stipend will be given.

Eligibility Criteria (for selection):

Open to both international applicants and Singapore citizens applying to our Master of Science degree programmes. As there is a limited number of industry scholarships, the selection process is very stringent. Industry sponsors will be looking for candidates from the following background.

  • Excellent academic results
  • Reputable universities
  • Relevant academic subjects undertaken during their Bachelor studies
  • Previous work experience (advantageous but not the main deciding factor)

To qualify for consideration of our MSc Scholarships, applicants will be required to submit their Admissions application via the Admissions portal during the admissions period for the current intake. Applications submitted after the stated deadline may not qualify.

Selection and Application Process:

Applicants do not need to apply for this scholarship separately. Students who have submitted complete applications (complete refers to submitted online application + application fee + hardcopy documents) will be automatically referred to the industry sponsor for their selection upon meeting all the academic and admission requirements of the respective Master Programme. Shortlisted applicants will be notified by the Office of Admission and MAY be required to undergo phone interviews with the industry sponsors for further assessment of scholarship confirmation.

Results of the scholarship will be released by the end of May for each academic year and the Office of Admission will inform the successful applicant(s) accordingly.

Note: There may be cases where scholarship decisions takes longer than usual, and may be finalised only in the first semester.


Available for Master of Science programmes

The TUM Asia-DAAD Scholarship Project is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). This scholarship project is part of the “German Study Programmes Abroad” programme.

Information on Eligibility:

  • The scholarship is only awarded to students during their candidature of study and not prior to admission.
  • Students who receive a scholarship from TUM Asia are eligible to apply for the TUM Asia-DAAD Scholarship.
  • Students who are fully-supported (tuition fee and living stipend) by TUM Asia’s industrial partners or any other organisation will not be eligible to apply for the TUM Asia-DAAD Scholarship.
  • Students with German citizenship are not eligible for funding.

A limited number of DAAD Scholarships are awarded to students with outstanding academic results and distinctive moral character. Upon conferment of the DAAD Scholarship, the awardee will receive a partial financial subsidy for their tuition fee and monthly living stipend during their study with TUM Asia (TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY).

Selected awardees will receive the scholarship for a period of one semester (6 months). Depending on their academic performance, the scholarship can be newly applied for every semester of study. The total number of semesters in which a student can apply for the scholarship is dependent on their programme of study.

Scholarship Selection Criteria:

  • Good academic results
  • Personal Letter of Motivation, demonstrating academic experience and exceptional non-academic achievements
  • Financial background will be taken into consideration

Student Testimonials:



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