Industrial Chemistry Virtual Masterclass : Building Your Future in Industrial Chemistry at TUM Asia

Join Professor Plank as he will share how a Master of Science degree in Industrial Chemistry from TUM Asia can help you to shape a bright future for your professional career. 3 November 2021 . Wednesday . 5pm - 6pm (GMT+8)

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Scholarships for MSc Programmes: Virtual Information Session

Learn more about how you can realise your dream and shape your future as we will share with you more information about our scholarships for our Master of Science programmes.  19 October 2021 . 4pm - 5pm (GMT+8)

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Virtual RTL Masterclass – The Future of Urban Logistics

Register for our MSc RTL Virtual Masterclass where Prof. Dr.-Ing Oliver Kunze will share more about the future of urban logistics and the different existing and emerging transport logistics operations. 25 October 2021, Monday . 4pm - 5pm (GMT+8)

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Railway Safety Workshop

The training will give an overview of the nine major phases of the V-Cycle and the role of LTA within the phases. The processes of verification and validation will be explained from a theoretical and practical point of view.

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TUM Asia Graduation Ceremony 2021

Join us to celebrate the successes of TUM Asia's Graduating Class of 2020 and 2021

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TUM Asia MSc Programmes & Student Sharing

Register for our TUM Asia Master Programmes and Student Sharing Session on 5 Oct 2021 . Tuesday. 4pm - 5pm (GMT+8)

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MSc in Rail, Transport & Logistics Information Session

We invite you to attend the Technical University of Munich (TUM) Asia MSc in Rail, Transport and Logistics Information Session to find out more about the programme structure, modules and potential career opportunities that this degree has to offer!

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Paradigm Shift to Digitalisation Webinar – 2021

Join our upcoming webinar to learn more about how our suite of Industry 4.0 EXD courses can help to raise the capabilities of the workforce and contribute towards the training of skilled talents to address evolving needs in the industry. 5 November 2021 (Friday . 4pm - 5pm (GMT+8)

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Admission Webinars: Master of Science Programmes

Join us for our free MSc admission online webinar where our admission officers will share the application process, scholarships and admission tips with you.

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mobil.TUM 2022 – 12th International Scientific Conference (Singapore)

mobil.TUM 2022 is an international scientific conference on mobility and transport, set to take place on 5 - 7 April 2022. Organised by TUM in Singapore, the conference will centre on “Mobility Innovations for Growing Megacities” , delving into transportation challenges of growing urban agglomerations. The conference will also explore about transit concepts, shared mobility systems, impacts of ITS technology, environmental impacts, modeling and simulation, travel behavior and data analytics.

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Cyber-Physical Factory (WSG Workshop) – Manufacturing Execution System & Digital Process Simulation | TUM Asia and Festo Didactic

Join TUM Asia and Festo Didactic for a 3-day WSG supported workshop, with multiple sessions in 2020. This workshop gives an overview of the CP-System integrated with Industry 4.0 features, i.e. decentralised intelligence, high connectivity, flexibility and modularity.

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TUM Asia LEARN Programme – Engineer Your Smart Factory Blueprint

The TUM Asia LEARN Programme adopts a 3-stage model of change to help companies engineer and implement their smart factory transformation blueprint. Companies will progress from a state of awareness, to appreciation and eventual adoption of a holistic transformation strategy that addresses the core elements of Industry 4.0. The full scope of this programme consists of a 3-Day Workshop, 7-Day Overseas Trip, and a 12-Month Mentorship programme.

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Modular Certificate Courses – Supported By SkillsFuture

In support of lifelong learning and skills mastery, TUM Asia now offers a range of Modular Certificate Courses that are funded by SkillsFuture Singapore. Upon the successful completion of each modular courses, students will be awarded with a certificate which will count towards the attainment of the corresponding Graduate Diploma or Specialist Diploma should the individual subsequently decide to enrol into the relevant full-qualification courses.

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Specialist Diploma In Advanced Digital Manufacturing | TUM Asia

The jointly-developed Specialist Diploma in Advanced Digital Manufacturing recently completed its first successful training cycle, training more than 20 students who come from a range of industries with funding support from SkillsFuture Singapore. The Specialist Diploma will enroll its next group of students in January 2019, and you can attend a free information session on 14 November 2018 to find out how it can benefit you.

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