We recognize that you might need help along the way when applying for a programme abroad. And if you missed the opportunity to meet our programme counselors face to face, now you will be able to do so – without even leaving the comfort of your home! Introducing TUM Asia Webinars, a free-of-charge method to talk to our staff members about admissions or to find out more about TUM Asia. We welcome everyone who is interested in our programme, or need more information about admissions, how our joint-degree courses work and about scholarships. Come talk to us live via the TUM Asia Webinars and find out more about applying for your Masters!


View the upcoming and available webinars below and register for the session(s) below. Each webinar session lasts about 45 minutes, with the remaining time for a live Q&A. All webinars are free of charge on the applicant/student’s part, unless you dial in to an international telephone number.

All communication prior to the webinar will be done via email, so make sure you leave us with a valid email address.




We offer the following Master of Science programmes:

  • Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering (TUM degree, German)
  • Master of Science in Green Electronics (Joint TUM-NTU degree, German-Singapore)
  • Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry (Joint TUM-NUS degree, German-Singapore)
  • Master of Science in Integrated Circuit Design (Joint TUM-NTU degree, German-Singapore)
  • Master of Science in Rail, Transport and Logistics (TUM degree, German)


All coursework for the above-listed programmes are conducted in Singapore, with the internship available to be conducted anywhere in the world, with a company or university.


UPCOMING WEBINARS (Conducted in English)


“How to Apply & Notarise Documents” (Recommended for those who have questions about successfully applying for the Master programmes)


Webinar content: How do I know if I have done all the necessary steps for my online application to the Master degree course(s)? What does TUM Asia consider as properly/correctly certified hard-copy documents? Find the answers to these questions and ensure that your application has been well submitted! Join us at this webinar to find out more and to speak with our Admissions staff live. The webinar is 45 minutes for content & 15 minutes for Q&A.


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“Acceptance of Offer + Pre-Arrival” (Recommended for those who have been admitted to our Master programmes)



Webinar content: Not sure about how you accept the Offer of Admissions? Or what it takes to consider yourself successfully enrolled into the AY19/20 cohort? Let us explain the processes to you. For foreign students, we will also cover Pre-Arrival information such as how you will obtain your entry visa, and good practices to prepare you to head to Singapore!


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UPCOMING WEBINARS (Conducted in Mandarin Chinese)


“How to Apply & Notarise Documents” (Recommended for those who have questions about successfully applying for the Master programmes)


  • There are no webinars available for this session at the moment.






这是一种免费的方式 ( 甚至无需离开你舒适的家!),可以与我们的员工咨询课程申请或更了解多有关学校的信息,包括联合学位课程如何运作以及奖学金。







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