Professional Certificates (Transportation)

13 Professional Certificates (Transportation)


Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of Europe’s leading technical universities and strives to create a lasting value for society through excellence in education and research. Following the same vision, TUM Asia opened its doors in Singapore in 2002 to bring German academic excellence to Asia, and has been conducting Master and Bachelor programmes since then.

To meet the growing demand of trained professionals in the industry, TUM Asia is now offering individual course modules as Professional Certificates in order to meet the needs of the Asian industry.

Learn from recognised experts in the Master of Science in Rail, Transport and Logistics programme, featuring modules from the Railway Engineering, Transportation, and Logistics specialisations. Upgrade your skills and broaden your network with like-minded students from all around the world.

More information about the full-time Master of Science in Rail, Transport and Logistics programmme can be found here.


  • Upgrade your skills by learning from recognised experts
  • Increase your professional network and make overseas contacts
  • Taught by German professors from TUM and other established professionals in the industry
  • Certificate of Attendance (Professional Certificate) for each completed module issued by TUM Asia. (Attending the written examination is optional for Professional Certificate participants. Those who take the examination will obtain a TUM Asia transcript with the reflected grade. The participant will be issued a certificate of attendance as long as he/she meets the minimum attendance of 75%.)


Open to individuals and professionals in the fields of Transportation and Railway Engineering. Individuals and professionals may select relevant topics beneficial to their area of work for skills training or professional upgrading.


The modules listed are available as short courses for individuals seeking new knowledge in the fields of Transportation. Each short course will be recognized as a Professional Certificate which will add value to your career skills and your resume. Dates are also listed in the drop-down tabs. Attending the written examination is optional for Professional Certificate participants. The participant will be issued a certificate of attendance as long as he/she meets the minimum attendance of 75%.

For the full content description of each available module, click here.


Module Title and Description Instructor(s) Date(s) Teaching hours
Airport and Harbour Design

Airport characteristics, air traffic management, sea port planning, turning basin, sea port on reclaimed land

Prof. Dr. Dieter Schmitt & Mr. Timothy Chao 24 – 26 Apr 2024
29, 30 Apr 2024
2 & 3 May 2024
*1 May 2024 is a public holiday
45 hours
Basics of Traffic Flow and Traffic Control

Models for traffic flow, models to determine delays and stops, urban traffic control with traffic signals

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Rau, TUM Asia 7-10 Oct 2024
24 Oct 2024
11-14 Nov 2024
18-21 Nov 2024
45 hours
Highway Design

Interaction between vehicle/pavement, road planning, environmental issues, road pavement; asphalt & concrete

Dr.-Ing. Ali Bawono, TUM Asia 16 – 27 Sep 2024 45 hours
Public Transport Planning

Transit modes, transit lines, rail transit network, transfers and transit speed, public transport scheduling

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Rau, TUM Asia 7, 10, 11, 12,14,18, 19, 21 & 24 June 2024 45 hours
Statistical Methods for Transportation and Logistic Processes

Probability and statistical concepts, statistical inference, survey sampling, time series analysis and forecasting

Dr. George Sun, Land Transport Authority Singapore 20, 27 Sept 2024
4, 7, 11, 25 Oct 2024
15, 22, 29 Nov 2024 & 6 Dec 2024
45 hours
Traffic Impacts, Evaluation of Transport and Logistic Processes

Pollution, vehicle emissions standards, climate change, sustainable transport, cost-benefit analysis (CBA)

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Rau, TUM Asia 13, 15 Aug 2024
4, 5 Sept 2024
10-13 Sept 2024
1 & 2 Oct 2024
45 hours
Traffic Operation and Control (ITS)

ITS technologies, urban traffic control, integration in traffic control, motorway control systems, green wave

Mr. Martin Margreiter, Technical University of Munich Not offered for year 2024 45 hours
Transport and Urban Planning

Urban planning issues, planning methodology, transport modes and networks, transport demand analysis

Prof. Dr. Rolf Moeckel, Technical University of Munich/Dr. Evan Gwee, Land Transport Authority Singapore 16, 23, 30 Aug 2024

6, 13 Sept 2024

18 – 22 Nov 2024

45 hours
Transportation Modelling and Simulation Tools

Simulation tools, behaviour models, simulation studies, traffic assignment, macro, meso and micro simulation

Prof. Dr. Constantinos Antoniou & Mr. Martin Margreiter, Technical University of Munich 9 – 11 Sept 2024
25 – 29 Nov 2024
45 hours
Urban Road Design

Planning strategies, urban transport, urban intersection, parking for cars and buses, public transport integration

Dipl.-Ing. Torben Heinemann, Head of department for General Planning, City of Leipzig 11 – 15 Mar 2024
18 – 22 Mar 2024
45 hours


The fee for one participant per module is priced at SGD 2,200 (before 8% GST).

** please note that as per the announcement by Ministry of Finance during Budget 2022, the GST rate will be increased from:

  • 7% to 8% with effect from 1 January 2023; and
  • 8% to 9% with effect from 1 January 2024**

For a limited time, TUM Asia offers a preferential module price package for multiple modules sign-ups or group sign-ups*:

  • 1 module – SGD 2,200 (before 8% GST)
  • 2 modules – 10% discount on total sum
  • 3 modules – 15% discount on total sum
  • 4 or more modules – 20% discount on total sum

*We allow multiple individuals from the same organisation to consolidate their module choices to benefit from the package. For example, if Company A is sending two employees for a total of 4 modules (2 modules per employee), Company A will receive a total of 20% discount on their total price paid. Do note that the discount packages are only available if the multiple modules are paid at one go and in the same invoice. To check if you are eligible for the discount, contact us to find out more.

Registration will close one week before the course commences. Payment for the course has to be made before the course commences.


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