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Sustainable Transportation & Infrastructure Competition

The knock-on effects from urbanisation and environmental degradation has resulted in greater need for efficient transportation systems and sustainable infrastructure. As more cities introduce hybrid and electric vehicles into their roads while deploying intelligent traffic management systems in a bid to transform its transport infrastructure, cities are able to create more efficient, accessible and environmentally responsible transport systems that reduce congestion and emissions, enhance quality of life and pave the way for a more sustainable future. The symbiotic relationship between smart sustainable transport and sustainable infrastructure is evident. Students are therefore encouraged to present a proposal that incorporates smart and sustainable transport and infrastructure for cities.

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Bioeconomy at TUM: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions Seminar [HYBRID]

HYBRID SEMINAR: Learn more about how TUM's Straubing Campus and TUMCREATE, a  multidisciplinary research platform of TUM based in Singapore, achieve a harmonious coexistence between economic growth and environmental growth by harnessing the potential of bioeconomy. Presented by Prof. Volker Sieber and Mr Nickolaus Stellner, this hybrid seminar will present you a number of groundbreaking research and practices to pursue global sustainability. 3 October 2023 (Tuesday) . 4pm - 6pm (GMT+8)

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TUM Asia Summer School 2023

Experience an unforgettable time in Singapore during your school break this Winter! TUM Asia invites all undergraduate students from various universities to participate in the “Industrie 4.0” Winter School 2021. Meet many other participants from all over the world in a German-based classroom curriculum, while getting the best that Singapore has to offer as a city!

2023 Alumni Gathering

Join us for an evening of great fun and good food with your TUM Asia’s alumni alongside Prof. Thomas F. Hofmann, President of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) on 9 July 2023.

TUM Global Week – A Quest for a Sustainable Future (HYBRID)

Climate change, Global food shortage. Energy security. Public Healthcare. What does the future hold? How does climate change, food and energy security affect the public health? As the world is confronted with a multitude of challenges that are interrelated, many of us are convinced that actions need to be taken and the time is now. But the question begs to be asked: How do we do so? The academics and researchers at TUM in Singapore are harnessing their expertise in mobility, food security, energy and healthcare to propel the world forward towards a sustainable future. Organised by TUMCREATE, the research arm of TUM based in Singapore, and TUM Asia, the overseas campus of TUM, this panel discussion will put the spotlight on key challenges faced in Singapore – mobility, food science, energy and population health, and the actions we are taking as we embark on a quest for a sustainable future.

TUM Asia Graduation Ceremony 2023

Join us to celebrate the successes of TUM Asia’s Graduating Class of 2023

Admission Webinar: How to Notarise Your Documents and Accept Your Letter of Admission

Join us for our free MSc application webinar where our admissions advisors will share the steps to notarise your documents and accept your letter of admissions.

TUM Asia Graduation Banner 2022
TUM Asia Graduation Ceremony

Join us to celebrate the successes of TUM Asia’s Graduating Class of 2020 and 2021

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