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TUM Asia Career Services Team is the focal point that connects TUM Asia students, its alumni and potential employers through a variety of services and events. Through our Career Services team, TUM Asia hopes to enhance the career management and job search skills of its students and alumni to enable them make better-informed career decisions.

TUM Asia aims to enhance the employ-ability of our students through career advisory and career preparation workshops to assist them in identifying and developing their career goals. Coupled with employer-matching events, the team aims to build a platform for them to find the best opportunities available.

TUM Asia Career Services Team works closely with you to find the most suitable candidate from the University to join your esteemed organizations. You, as a potential employer, may choose from any of the following initiatives we have to reach out to our pool of competent graduates.

  • TUM Asia Career & Internship Fair
    An annual event where companies meet our students and graduates face-to-face, and inform them of any suitable employment opportunities.
  • Recruitment Talk
    A great avenue to raise your company’s profile and publicise job opportunities.
  • E-mailers
    For job opportunities that are targeted to specific group of TUM Asia graduates, companies may opt for e-mailers. This is also a flexible option as we can send out the e-mailers as and when companies have job openings.
  • Company Visits
    Give students an opportunity to understand your company better by arranging a visit to your facility. This also brings alive their classroom concepts and enable them to take a better interest towards the business units.

Companies and institutes may refer to the guidelines to have a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities upon engaging our students for internships, either locally or overseas. The document is to provide you with clarity in matters of recruiting TUM Asia students as interns.

More information about the TUM Asia Internship Programme is available below.


Our Bachelor Programmes:

  • BSc in Chemical Engineering
  • BSc in Electrical Engineering & Information Technology

TUM Asia’s Bachelor students must undergo internship for at least 8 weeks (part of their curriculum), unless they are exempted. Do contact us at 6777-7407 during office hours if you are keen to hire our Bachelor students as interns.


Our Master Programmes:

  • MSc in Aerospace Engineering
  • MSc in Industrial Chemistry
  • MSc in Integrated Circuit Design
  • MSc in Green Electronics
  • MSc in Transport & Logistics (and Railway Engineering)

It is compulsory for our Master’s students to go through at least 2 to 3 months of internship (subject to programme) and 6 months of thesis/dissertation writing. This can amount up to a 8 to 9 month (or longer, if pre-arranged with the company) attachment to an organisation.

As there is only one intake per year, the starting date for internship of our Master’s students is usually around the same period. Please see below for more details on the availability of our Master students for internship:

Programme Suggested Timeframe*
MSc in Aerospace Engineering 8 months from January of each Academic Year
MSc in Industrial Chemistry 8 months from June of each Academic Year
MSc in Integrated Circuit Design 9 months from June of each Academic Year
MSc in Microelectronics 9 months from June of each Academic Year
MSc in Transport & Logistics 8 months from June of each Academic Year

*Students may start earlier or later than the suggested timeframe. This is only a reference point.

We invite you to contact us at 6777-7407 during office hours to find out more on how you can engage our students.

The TUM Asia Career & Internship Fair is an annual event where companies get to meet our students and graduates face-to-face, and inform them of full-time employment opportunities as well as any suitable internships available.

The Fair aims to deliver value in 3 main areas:


Since its inception in 2013, the Fair has been a very effective means for companies to secure suitable candidates from our University to join their organizations. It is a good platform for both employers to network with our students, graduates and faculty members.

“It was an impressive and unique fair where we got to meet numerous global powerhouses from a diverse range of industries” –  Mohammed Ahmed Fouad Ibrahim Darwish, Postgraduate Student

“The students are very responsive in conversation and we are impressed with the candidates” – Silicon Laboratories


The Fair provides a valuable opportunity for your company to establish greater brand awareness and corporate presence. Many of the participating companies are long-time industry partners of TUM in Germany, which have branched out to Singapore.

“The crowd was very strong and we managed to speak to many interested students who have relevant backgrounds in logistics” – SDV Logistics

“Our Human Resource team at the headquarters in Munich has worked closely with TUM for many years and it was them who first alerted us to the possibility of linking up with TUM Asia” – Rohde & Schwarz Asia


To better facilitate your organisation’s recruitment needs, interview rooms facilities and company recruitment talk venues are made available. More than 94% of the surveyed participating companies agreed that TUM Asia students command quality that is higher than the industry average. This reveals a preference for TUM Asia graduates compared to their peers.

“It was very convenient to have interview facilities during the Fair, so that the company can interview potential employees on the day itself.” – STMicroelectronics

“The presentation slots were good because we could reach out to many students within one presentation. And for those who had more questions, they could easily consult us at our booth.” – Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific 


For companies who wish to participate in the upcoming TUM Asia Career & Internship Fair, please reach us at 6777-7407 during office hours.

Read up on our some of our past Career & Internship Fairs below (Click to read):

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I do not understand the Grade stated on the student’s transcript. Can you explain?

TUM Asia uses the TUM CAP (Cumulative Average Point) score to gauge a student’s performance. In order to graduate, a student must obtain a minimum overall CAP score of 4,0 or less.

Students who have passed all the modules will be classified according to the following scale:

CAP Remarks
1,0 – 1,2 Passed with High Distinction
1,3 – 1,5 Passed with Distinction
1,6 – 2,5 Passed with Merit
2,6 – 3,5 Passed
3,6 – 4,0 Conceded Pass

For any other enquiries, please reach out to us at 6777-7407 during office hours.

When are the students available for internships?

As there is only one intake each year for both TUM Asia undergraduate and graduate programmes, the starting period for the attachment (includes both internship & dissertation writing) for both groups of students is usually around the same period every academic year.

TUM Asia Bachelor students are available for internships after they return from Munich, which should be around February of each year, for a period of at least 8 weeks.

Most of TUM Asia Master students (except those in MSc in Aerospace Engineering) are able to start their attachments from June of every academic year onwards. The students from the MSc in Aerospace Engineering will start their attachments from January every academic year.

How long is the student’s attachment period?

TUM Asia Bachelor students are required to complete a minimum of 8-week internship to fulfil their graduation requirements.

TUM Asia Master students are required to complete a minimum of 8- or 9-month* of attachment to fulfil their graduation requirements.

*MSc in Aerospace Engineering, Industrial Chemistry and Transport & Logistics students will have to complete at least 8 months of attachment, while MSc in Integrated Circuit Design and Microelectronics students will have to complete at least 9 months of attachment. 

I understand that the student should also be writing his/her dissertation during the attachment period. Does it mean that the student will only be working part time in my company?

Interns will follow the normal office working hours of the host organizations.

How much should we give the students as stipend?

We recommend a monthly allowance of S$1,000 – S$2,500.

Do we have to apply for valid working pass for foreign students?

In Singapore, organizations taking in a foreign student who is a full-time matriculated or registered student of TUM Asia for a local attachment programme is exempted from applying for a work permit for that foreign student. This is due to the IHL (Institute of Higher Learning) status conferred on TUM Asia by the Ministry of Education Singapore (MOE). You may refer here for more information.

Do the companies have to contribute to the student’s CPF?

Organizations that accept full-time matriculated students of TUM Asia as interns are exempted from CPF contributions. (This does not apply for full-time employment)

Are the students already covered by insurance?

All TUM Asia students are insured against industrial hazards or accidents through a Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme. In addition to this coverage, companies may wish to cover the interns under their companies’ insurance schemes.

If companies require interns to travel overseas for business trips or training purposes during the internship period, companies must inform TUM Asia Career Services Team prior to the trip. Interns are to have sufficient travel insurance to cover him/her for the entire duration of the overseas internship.

For any other enquiries, please reach out to us at 6777-7407 during office hours.


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