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Digital Twin assists you to visualise the asset, track changes, understand and optimise asset performance throughout the lifecycle of the product. It reduces time to market by designing and evaluating the manufacturing processes before manufacture. Commissioning time of a factory can be significantly reduced by developing and optimising the factory layout. Digital human models help to improve the safety of workplace environments. Digital twin enables predictive maintenance and data-driven root-cause analysis resulting in improved efficiency. The course aims to cover digital twin concepts and includes virtual commissioning and optimisation of a factory layout, ergonomics and validation of manufacturing concepts. Participants will design and develop digital twins to verify and optimise manufacturing processes and factory layouts in a 3D environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the concepts of the digital twin in the manufacturing industry and its application to product lifecycle management.

Includes Virtual commissioning, Optimisation using digital twin, Digital thread

  • Virtual design and commissioning of a factory layout

Includes 3D design, validation, visualisation, material flow logistics, bottleneck analysis, simulation driven planning and scheduling, throughput analysis

  • Human modelling  and ergonomics
  • Design and verify a manufacturing process in a 3D environment

Includes kinematic design and validation, geometry validation and process-cell automation

  • Understand future research trends and applications of digital twin-based systems

Includes data analytics and cyber-security using digital twin


4-Day Workshop      

Venue: Competence Centre for Digitalisation, Technology and Innovation (CDTI) Festo Building, Level 3 6 Kian Teck Way, Singapore 628754

Dates*: TBC, please contact exd@tum-asia.edu.sg for more information

Fee*: SGD $2,200 before SSG funding


Professionals in the following or related fields:

  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Equipment and Facility Maintenance Manager
  • Head of Digital
  • Factory floor Engineers/managers
  • Anyone with engineering background 


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