TUM Asia strongly believes in establishing and maintaining strong relationships with our industry partners.

Having partners who are extremely supportive about the quality and rigour of our academic curriculum is crucial to the success of our university. The TUM name stands for industry excellence and close cooperation with companies and scientific partners all over the world. Singapore is no different, being home to numerous German and European companies who have established research institutes and regional headquarters here, and is one of Germany’s largest trade partners in the region.

Providing a robust educational foundation that is highly attuned to industry needs have resulted in a pipeline of talent from the university to the industry. TUM Asia is constantly striving to keep her curriculum relevant, with the help of professors who are well-established in modern day research and hails a wealth of experience from the industry. This has resulted in numerous career, internship and scholarship opportunities for our students.

Throughout the years, TUM Asia is proud to have formed a strong network of industrial partners who belong to the top aerospace, chemical, logistics and semiconductors industries in the world.


A partnership works two ways. At TUM Asia, we believe that the industry needs the universities as much as the universities are supported by the industry. Research, technological advances or new ideas are first developed at the academic level. The brightest brains start at university. Therefore, TUM Asia regularly organize sessions with the industry to keep our partners attuned to the trends and changes in the scientific arena.

  • Scientific Talks
  • Speaker Series (Industry-Academia collaboration)
  • Guest Lectures at Companies
  • Joint Research Projects
  • Research Symposiums and more

Hear what some of our partners have to say.

“The availability of talents with the relevant skills and expertise is a critical competitive factor in the aerospace industry. We are happy to work alongside TUM Asia to provide internship opportunity for their students, who represent a potential pool of talents we can tap on.” ST_Aerospace-Logo
Mr. Koh Chin Seng
Vice President (Human Resources), ST Aerospace
“Clariant is committed to sustainable growth, which is derived from its own innovative strength. Our success is based on the know-how of our people and their ability to identify customer needs at an early stage and to translate the needs into innovative product solutions. Partnering in active sponsorship programmes with high quality institutions such as TUM/TUM Asia puts us in touch with the talent of the future and gives these talented students the opportunity to drive innovation. Within Clariant, they can put their research into practice in an environment focused on developing world-class products and services that play a key role in adding value to customers’ manufacturing processes and their end products.” VollmerMartin-Clariant_CM2311-242x300
Dr. Martin Vollmer
Chief Technology Officer, Clariant
Dieter_Jahn-200x300 “BASF has had the pleasure to partner TUM Asia from the very beginning. It was a pleasure to support TUM Asia because the quality of the graduates are excellent and we are very happy with them. They are working in very diverse jobs and I am proud to see that they are making their career in BASF. TUM Asia provides an internationalized environment for graduates to gain valuable experience as you have students who are born in other countries who come to Singapore to study and then go to Munich to intern/conduct research. It makes them even more sensitive to internationalization and that is an additional advantage of this programme.”
Prof. Dr. Dieter Jahn
Senior Vice President (Science Relations and Innovation Management), BASF

BASF is hiring excellent scientists from materials science, (physical) chemistry and engineering to further build the Innovation Campus Asia Pacific. To seek out careers at BASF:

“Pan Asia Logistics is permanently on the lookout for young talents and management trainees. This is why we are in close cooperation with Universities for quite some time. In cooperating with TUM, one of the elite universities in Germany and a premier address in Europe, we certainly hope to win over talented young people for our organization. Besides giving TUM Asia students the opportunity to work on logistics projects in our company while preparing their thesis for the Master of Science in Transportation and Logistics, we are keen to support TUM Asia if they are to launch this programme at a Bachelor level. PAL will be happy to participate as a selected sponsoring company in the joint industry sponsorship programme.” Pan_Asia_Logtisics_1-240x300
Mr. Christian Bischoff
Managing Director, Pan Asia Logistics
ulf1-253x300 “Today’s generation of students are amongst the first to grow up very natural with advanced digital technology and this technology has changed the way we view knowledge, access to information and relate to the world.Education needs to successfully capture both the incredible possibilities for deep learning opportunities that new technologies can offer, as well as prepare students to cope with the amount and speed of information at their fingertips.With that in mind, TUM has been able to consistently differentiate itself by shaping their education curriculum, to fit into the ever-changing industrial needs, allowing students to be equipped with the relevant foundation for the working climate.As universities are a major resource to any organisation’s innovation strategy, it has been our privilege and honour to work for almost a decade now alongside one of the best European universities on many different areas. The joint Industrial PhD Programme which we have just started with TUM Asia and TUM is just another highlight of this collaboration which will bring our education and qualification ambitions in Singapore to new heights.”
Mr Ulf Schneider
General Manger, Intel Singapore
“Our current partnerships include internship programmes and recruitment collaborations with TUM Asia. We are also exploring stronger collaborations through TUM Asia’s industry scholarships and PhD programmes. The quality of the TUM/TUM Asia graduates we have hired is high, in terms of matching our required skills and experience to the positions. They were able to translate key applications from their programmes towards the expected level of performance while learning more from their section managers about their job requirements.” amd-300x114
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)


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