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Here, I found my interest in research. And along the way, I met people from all over the world and had the opportunity to live and work in Europe.
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Wang Cong

Graduate Fellowship (PhD Student)
Singapore-MIT Alliance for R&T (SMART)

Master of Science in Microelectronics

For Wang Cong, he views the foundation as the most crucial aspect of any building process. And this same principle applied to his pursuit of higher education. As a graduate from the Master of Science in Microelectronics, he knew that his programme of study provided a strong theoretical foundation for him to build his research career upon. “Whether it be during my internship, or now during my PhD research, the foundation from my Master programme is strong and lasting,” he commented.

Wang Cong credits this to the well-researched professors in the programme, where he was taught by both TUM and NTU professors. “I was always amazed at the amount of knowledge the professors had, whether it be in theory or in cross reference to industry trends,” he fondly recounts.

Moreover, Wang Cong was able to conduct his internship in Belgium at IMEC. Being able to live and work in a completely different culture and environment has broadened his perspective of life, and has increased the scope of his research interests. All these, he credits it to the flexible and broad-based education at TUM Asia. As he now embarks on his postgraduate pursuit of doctoral research, Wang Cong is confident that he has a strong foundation to build his career upon.

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