Discover all about Asia’s smartest city* and how it is being powered by digital innovation and technology that resond to the citizen’s ever-changing needs at TUM Asia’s Summer School 2023.  Join us for a dynamic learning experience that combines captivating industrial visits, cutting-edge lessons on Industry 4.0 and exciting tours around Singapore’s iconic landmarks.


  • Certificate issued by TUM Asia upon completion


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30 July – 9 August 2023

(Sunday – Wednesday) 



All undergraduate (bachelor’s degree) students who are currently enrolled in a recognised university are eligible to participate in the Summer School.

All classes at the Summer School will be conducted in English. Participants should ensure that they are proficient in English (reading and writing) at university level.



SGD 1,980 per pax (Net price) 


Machine learning applications using open data are increasingly relevant in the field of transportation. A typology of open data will first be discussed, followed by an overview of transfer learning. Transfer learning allows models to leverage knowledge gained from one task and apply it to another. In this talk, transfer learning  will be demonstrated for traffic state estimation using scalable and non-scalable data from large European cities.

Presenter: Prof. Dr. Constantinos Antoniou, TUM

The presentation will discuss the question how to reduce congestion on the road and maximize the efficiency of the transportation system.

The talk will start with introducing the concept of “generated traffic” – the links between improvements of road infrastructure and the vehicles kilometres travelled. Examples from cities worldwide will be shown.

The principles and strategies of transport demand management will be presented. What are suitable transport policies to reduce the traffic volume on the roads and give priority for traffic which can’t be avoided and generates the highest benefits / revenue for the society?

The last part of the presentation will focus on the implementation of these theoretical concepts into a real transport policy using Singapore as an example.

Presenter: Dr.-Ing Andreas Rau, TUM Asia

The electromobility concept has now started to become a trend and it is often seen as one of the alternatives in achieving sustainable transport. Electromobility was first developed in the 1880s and since that time has grown into extensive modes of private vehicles, and public transport modes including buses, trams, two-wheelers, trains, and trolleybus systems all over the world. Planning a sustainable electromobility requires a comprehensive strategy, clear framework, and integration of multiple systems including vehicles, infrastructure and charging infrastructure, energy, and connectivity. On the other hand, there are impediments and challenges in electromobility implementation that needs to be strategically handled. Policies, regulations, and financing schemes supporting electromobility should be planned and embraced.

This topic aims to address the latest study on electromobility. Case studies will be presented.

Presenter: Dr.-Ing Ali Bawono, TUM Asia

The human immune system is a sophisticated defence mechanism that prevents foreign pathogens from damaging healthy tissue and cells. However, cancers like blood cancer might hinder the immune system. Cancers of the blood system disrupt the normal development and function of your blood cells. Most of these malignancies begin in the bone marrow. Most blood cancers result from the uncontrolled growth of an aberrant blood cell type, which disrupts the normal blood cell formation process. These malignant cells in the blood impede the blood from carrying out its regular activities, such as fighting off infections or stopping severe bleeding.

Presenter: Dr. Komal Kumar Javarappa, TUMCREATE


Registration Deadline: 2 July 2023 (Sunday)*

*If you have missed the deadline, please contact e-mail TUM Asia for assistance.

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