Alumni Feature: Kalin Stoyanov (Transport & Logistics)

23 February 2017

“Why TUM Asia?” is a big question on our student’s minds when it comes to choosing a higher education institution. TUM Asia catches up with our alumni to find out why they decided to pursue their Masters, as well as to learn more about their education journey and achievements since graduating from TUM Asia.

Kalin Stoyanov decided to pursue his Master of Science in Transport and Logistics at TUM Asia after coming across the programme online. As one of the first cohorts to read this programme, Kalin benefited tremendously from his time at TUM Asia, which now reaps dividends in his full-time job.

Hi Kalin, can you tell us more about yourself and how you decided to pursue your Masters?

Kalin: I was born and raised in a family of engineers. While pursuing my Bachelor in Business Administration, I was able to spend a year in Germany on exchange.  After graduation, I did many internships but it was not till I started working at Lufthansa Technik that I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in Aviation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management. During my courses with Harvard Business School, Singapore was discussed on several occasions and put forward as a successful example of a nation which successfully formed high-value adding industries. These factors led me to TUM Asia’s Masters programme.

Now that you have left the university for a while, what was memorable about your time at TUM Asia?

Kalin: I think what made the program attractive to me from the start was the practical nature of the lectures, which provided students with the opportunity to gain insights of the actual tendencies and realities in the industry. Personally, I found the interactive nature of the lectures to be particularly useful because it allowed for really interesting discussions to take place which added value to the whole experience of the programme. The diversity of students taking part in the programme is another advantage as they bring the knowledge and perspectives of their own countries. These were all memorable times at TUM Asia.

As a full-time careerman, how do you think the Masters have benefited your career path?

Kalin: For me, a positive feature of the Transport and Logistics degree is that it covers in detail a wide variety of topics. My current occupation involves frequent rotations and I lead key projects at different sites of the company. The ability to be flexible, adaptive and capable of assessing adequately each individual situation  is a key enabler for me to achieve high-level performance.  The diverse environment at TUM Asia also helped me to collaborate effectively with people from all over the world, which is a prerequisite when working at a global company.

That is great to hear! As a parting note, what would you tell someone who is considering to enrol in the same degree course as you?

Kalin: I would tell them that TUM Asia and Singapore offers a lot of opportunities to students. However, what to take and how to explore these opportunities depends on the individual. The programme itself is very well structured and provides students with the knowledge to become successful on a professional scale.

This article was originally published in the Oct-Dec 2014 Issue of the TUM Asia DIGEST Newsletter.
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Kalin studied at TUM Asia to obtain his Master of Science in Transport and Logistics, conferred by TUM.
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