Taiwan To Singapore: Chen Tai-Ying (Industrial Chemistry)

09 January 2019

As our Master of Science students embark on their first semester in the various Master programmes, our DIGEST team took the opportunity to speak with some of our new Master students to find out more on how they have been adjusting to their studies and living in Singapore.

Hi Tai-ying, can you give our readers a short introduction about yourself?

Tai-ying: I completed my Bachelor’s degree in National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan and took a double major in Chemical Engineering and Quantitative Finance. The reason why I chose a double degree was because I wanted to possess the ability and knowledge of basic engineering as well as acquire the fundamental background of economics and marketing.


What attracted you to Singapore as a study location?

Tai-ying: Firstly, the National University of Singapore (NUS) is ranked highly in both the engineering and science fields. TUM is also well-known for providing an education that is practical for the industry. I chose to pursue a Master of Science degree in Industrial Chemistry at TUM as the programme was reputable in the chemical industry. Besides that, I wanted a programme that is not just theoretical but also application-focused. I made TUM Asia my first choice as the programme included a compulsory Master Thesis writing and internship, which I believe would give me the opportunity to apply my knowledge in the real industry.


How was it like adjusting to a new environment here?

Tai-ying: Honestly, I am still getting used to the language spoken here as Singaporeans mostly speak Singlish and have an ‘accent’ that is new to me. Besides that, I am also getting used to living in a condominium with small-sized apartments as they are not common in Taiwan.


Share with us an interesting observation you have noticed since starting class at TUM Asia.

Tai-ying: During the orientation, I found out that most of my classmates come from all around the world, even from the far north, Russia. It is a new experience for me to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds, and even different perspectives of scientific knowledge. I am able to learn not only from the professors, but also from my classmates, which really broadened my horizon.


“It is a new experience for me to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds, and even different perspectives of scientific knowledge. I am able to learn not only from the professors, but also from my classmates.”


Tell us one aspect of the field of Engineering which inspires or interests you.

Tai-ying: The focus of my Bachelor thesis and internship was on computer simulation. I am familiar with software such as Matlab, Aspen and Tensorflow and have experience in basic programming. In future, I hope to focus on data analysis, which I consider as a strength of mine. I am also open to take on new challenges in other aspects of chemical engineering.

What is one thing you hope to gain/take away in the next two years of your studies here?

Tai-ying: As a Master student in TUM Asia, I hope to learn from German companies where I could conduct my internship with and develop my future career in engineering.


Chen Tai-ying is from the NUS-TUM Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry programme. More information about the programme here >>

This interview was published in the DIGEST Sept – Dec 2018 issue >>


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