In Memoriam – Mr Lee Kuan Yew

23 March 2015


He Achieved What Many Thought Was Impossible

“Our Strategy Was To Make Singapore A First World Oasis In A Third World Region” – Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

For many Singaporeans, Lee Kuan Yew will always be remembered as the man who transformed Singapore into the prosperous nation it is today. Under Mr. Lee’s visionary leadership, Singapore, a tiny island with no natural resources, is now a global financial powerhouse with the world’s busiest trading port, clean and green environment and a stable government.

Mr. Lee’s leadership has also had an impact on an international scale. In 2015, Singapore not only celebrates 50 years of independence, but also 50 years of strong bilateral ties between Germany and Singapore.

The set-up of TUM Asia would not have been possible if not for Mr. Lee’s vision for a better life for all Singaporeans. Singapore has lost a great leader today and as we express appreciation for his dedication, we resolve to continue the legacy that Mr. Lee has built.

Photo: Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore


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