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11 November 2016

Having completed her undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering in Scotland, Tan Hao Min’s keen interest to study abroad, as well as her passion in Transportation, led her to pursue the Master of Science in Transport & Logistics at TUM Asia. Why did she choose transportation and what impact does she hope to make? We speak with Hao Min to find out more.

Q: Why were you drawn to the field of Transportation?

Hao Min: Having grown up in Malaysia, I felt privileged to be able to get an education and I always thought that this knowledge should be used to improve the quality of life of people, no matter the scale of my contribution. Transportation plays a direct role in people’s everyday lives. One of my main motivations for specialising in transportation comes from first-hand witness of individuals being unable to travel far without proper facilities, especially with the elderly and disabled. I believe that safe, accessible and reliable transportation is a basic necessity for any country. I am hoping to be able to help with public transportation back in Malaysia so that people like my grandmother can move about and do the things she like without having to rely or wait on us, just because we are able to drive. Thus, when I came across TUM Asia, I thought that it was a great opportunity to study a programme related to my interests.

Q: Having grown up in Malaysia, how has life across the border been for you?

Hao Min: On the outset, Singapore is really similar to Malaysia. The people, food and culture are easy to adapt to as I have experienced them growing up. However, both countries have their own unique qualities. Singapore is one of the few countries in Asia with a mix between the Eastern and Western Worlds. Both worlds have different cultures and norms and it has been a constant learning process for both to learn to gain a deeper understanding of each other. Being so close in geographical proximity, I was always curious about Singapore due to the similarities in culture and races. I have witnessed that when I was settling down in Singapore, especially through my course mates. We come from various parts of the world and it was really enjoyable to have their company this past year.

Q: Tell us more about the enjoyable times with your coursemates in the Master course.

Hao Min: I was able to get to know my course mates better and make new experiences through the different festivals and eating food with them. It was interesting to watch the different reactions by doing something new together. Another memory would be spending time at one of my favourite spots, which is the area around Marina Bay Sands, such as the Esplanade or Bayfront. I enjoyed it the most at night and the best part was that I did not have to worry about safety.

Q: You are now in your final semester of your Master studies, working on your internship and thesis. How has it been?

Hao Min: I’m currently interning at a transport consultation company called Thi Consultants (鼎漢國 際工程顧問) in Taipei, Taiwan. I also plan to complete my thesis at the same company. I am still deciding on my topic and I was keen to analyse Kuala Lumpur’s network using the software by PTV Vision, Visum and Vissim, and having a forecast of the improvements with the additional MRT rail lines that are currently being transported. However, due to the lack of open source data and information that I could use, it might take too long and I am considering other topics related to Taiwan’s network. It would be very interesting to understand Taiwan’s network and get a much better idea of how advanced Taiwan is in the field of transportation.

The full interview with Hao Min is available on our newsletter here (e-reader).

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