Living In Singapore: Jaishree Jalde (Aerospace Engineering)

08 November 2018

As our Master of Science students embark on their first semester in the various Master programmes, our DIGEST team took the opportunity to speak with some of our new Master students to find out more on how they have been adjusting to their studies and living in Singapore.


Hi Jaishree, can you give our readers a short introduction about yourself?

Jaishree: Hello, I am Jaishree from Bangalore, India. I just completed my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and I am now pursuing my Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at TUM Asia. I am a very outgoing person who loves playing the guitar, reading books or taking a stroll through the cool nights of Singapore.


What attracted you to Singapore as a study location?

Jaishree: What attracted me the most was the joint TUM-NTU degree program. Getting the best of both worlds by taking a 4-hour flight from home, why not?


How was it like adjusting to a new environment here?

Jaishree: To be very honest, it was not easy at first due as I had to adjust to the weather conditions and stay away from my family. But at the same time, I feel grateful for having the opportunity to study here and I would like to make the most out of it.


Share with us an interesting observation you have noticed since starting class at TUM Asia.

Jaishree:  I love how clean Singapore is, how polite the people are, and how everyone abides by the rules which helps to create a more conducive environment to live in. This ‘live and let live’ culture is something you don’t get to see in India. Some examples I have observed include how plastic bags are available outside the malls for people to keep their wet umbrellas, and how commuters would usually give way on the escalators.


“I know that this 2-year degree is going to open a lot of doors for me but in the end, I will have to find my own way through that door. Hence, I want to equip myself enough to get there.”


Tell us one aspect of the field of Engineering which inspires or interests you.

Jaishree: Without a doubt, it would be Space Engineering Technology, I’m a big-time travel lover and besides wanting to travel every part of this world, I would love to see this beautiful world from the outer space. I thus have a dream about rockets – I want to build it, sit in it and travel in it. Talking about technology, it astounds me how we can now talk about things that never used to be possible, for example, colonizing mars. This is definitely an area I hope to work in.


What is one thing you hope to gain/take away in the next two years of your studies here?

Jaishree: I know that this 2-year degree is going to open a lot of doors for me but in the end, I will have to find my own way through that door. Hence, I want to equip myself enough to get there. I am also someone who believes academics alone is not everything that defines you. I want to study hard yet make beautiful memories at the same time. Viva la Vida.


Jaishree Jalde is from the NTU-TUM Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering* programme. More information about the programme here >>
*From the August 2019 intake onwards, the Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering programme will be conferred by TUM. 

This interview was published in the DIGEST Sept – Dec 2018 issue >>


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