Living In Singapore: Henry Serrano (Integrated Circuit Design)

28 December 2018

As our Master of Science students embark on their first semester in the various Master programmes, our DIGEST team took the opportunity to speak with some of our new Master students to find out more on how they have been adjusting to their studies and living in Singapore.

Hi Henry, can you give our readers a short introduction about yourself?

Henry: I am a Mechatronic Engineer with five years of experience in firmware development. This has given me the opportunities to participate in awesome tech events such as Mass Challenge, CES, SXSW, NAMM across the span of amazing companies such as Kryo, Machina, and Vanderdroid. I took my Bachelor’s degree in Mexico’s “Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán”. I took a 3-month internship in Texas A&M just before graduation. On a personal side, I’m a serious language lover and I’m currently learning both the German and Japanese languages.


What attracted you to Singapore as a study location?

Henry: Singapore is a technology hub in Asia with a unique geographical position. The semiconductor industry here has long been thriving, making it an ideal spot to learn and gain new insights in hardware design.


How was it like adjusting to a new environment here?

Henry: So far, adapting to the new environment has been a positive experience. Public transportation and security are what I consider to be Singapore’s high-marks. And thanks to Singapore’s cultural mix, I have already been able to make friends with people from all over the world.


Share with us an interesting observation you have noticed since starting class at TUM Asia.

Henry: The course’s learning pace is of utmost importance. The rhythm of the courses has been fast and challenging, and there are many topics to be learned and mastered every three weeks. All in all, that’s the reason for taking this course, right?


“Singapore is a technology hub in Asia with a unique geographical position. The semiconductor industry here has long been thriving, making it an ideal spot to learn and gain new insights in hardware design.”


Tell us one aspect of the field of Engineering which inspires or interests you.

Henry: Product Development has always been my main field of interest in engineering. By combining the newest technology both on the hardware and software sides, we are able to create disruptive solutions.

What is one thing you hope to gain/take away in the next two years of your studies here?

Henry:  I certainly hope to gain further insights into product development and manufacturing. Another thing that I’m most excited to achieve is expanding my business network by meeting amazing people and building amazing solutions.

Henry Serrano is from the NTU-TUM Master of Science in Integrated Circuit Design programme. More information about the programme here >>

This interview was published in the DIGEST Sept – Dec 2018 issue >>


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