Life in Munich – Undergraduate Exchange to Germany

29 January 2013

As part of the students’ Bachelor of Science requirement, every student will conduct their Bachelor Thesis in the home campus of TUM after they successfully complete their coursework. In October 2012, TUM welcomed the pioneer cohort of TUM Asia Undergraduate Students to Munich. To find out how their adventure halfway around the globe was like, we interviewed a couple of them.


Ng Yu Ning, 24
Studying for B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering & Information Technology

Yeo Wee Ping, 25
Studying for B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering & Information Technology

  1. How is life in Munich?

    Yu Ning: This is my1st time travelling across the globe alone and I must say it is definitely a whole new experience. Upon arriving in Munich, what really struck me was that Munich gives people a ‘WOW’ feeling. I can feel the difference between Munich and Singapore, as it is not as stressful in Munich, and people have been very friendly and helpful. It is a very safe city, you experience the seasons, and in summary – I’m loving it!

    Wee Ping: Life in Munich has given me many first experiences, such as seeing snow, and Munich is a safe city to live. It is stressful for me because I have only 9 weeks to complete my thesis, but nevertheless, it has been a fruitful experience. One point to note, the food in Munich can be considered salty, and for us who are accustomed to a different diet, you may take some time to get used to eating potatoes, ham and wurst all the time!

  2. Describe your experience at the TUM campus (you can share a distinct experience/story, or an overall summary of how you feel)

    Yu Ning: The campus is very big and in my institute, the Professors and Ph.D. students are all very helpful and sociable. I am very amazed by the efficiency at TUM as well. On my first day of school, I already have my assigned desk and seat. When they found out that the laptop was too slow due to too little RAM, they changed it immediately for me!

    Wee Ping: For the central Munich campus located in the city, it is historically significant. For TUM campus at Garching, it is very modern and you will see many students studying around the campus. Of course the most memorable experience would be the parabola slides at the Institute of Mathematik und Informatik. Just remember to use the carpet provided so you don’t burn your jeans while sliding!

  3. Share with us the places that we must visit, and food that we must try if we are there!

    Yu Ning: There are many places you should visit, like the Deutsches Museum (world’s largest Science & Technology museum); Christmas Market (if you are here during the Christmas season); Black Forest; Swan Castle etc. Also, take this once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit neighbouring European countries. With regards to food, I think that the German sausages are awesome, and of course pork knuckle! Not forgetting what Germany is famous for: BEER!

    Wee Ping: A general rule of thumb for places to visit in European countries will be MCC – museums, churches and castles. In & around Munich, I recommend the Swan Castle, BMW Museum & Production line Tour, Marienplatz and NeuesRathaus.For food, you must try the Currywurstmit pommes (sausage & fries with curry sauce), Brathähnchen(roasted chicken) and many kinds of hams and cheeses. If you are a beer lover, remember this: EinRadler,EeinHelles, EinWeizen, and Hacker-Pschorr! You will find beer with different fermentation, from light to heavy.

*This interview is extracted from TUM Asia Digest, January to March 2013 Edition. For the full interview, kindly click here.


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