By 2006, the number of cohorts who graduated with a Master of Science degree in Industrial Chemistry grew to three. Various collaborations and support from industry partnerships began to pour in, opening doors of opportunities for students to engage in internships and thesis projects in Germany and Singapore. The business landscape in Singapore grew vibrant, which saw any TUM Asia’s student develop into leaders in respectable fields of expertise.

“We had smaller cohorts then, and Professors flew and still fly from Germany regularly to meet with students in person, giving them opportunities to ask questions about the topic. We would also contextualize our teachings by sharing our experience working in the field. For instance, we would share why it is important to make a chemistry compound more expensive, or how different chemical compounds are introduced and handled, which helped deepen their understanding of the topic,”
Prof. Kühn shared. 

Prof. Fritz Kuehn, the Faculty Dean continues to teach today, inspiring many and more budding industrial chemists to chart their own path to success in the field of Industrial Chemistry. 

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