Civil Engineering

Engineering is about using science to find creative, practical solutions
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Civil Engineering

Did you know that Civil Engineers build the structures on which society functions on? Engineers with an Civil Engineering background have the opportunity to be part of teams that work on the following and more:

• Transportation infrastructure and systems for cities
• Renewable energy systems
• Sustainable buildings and homes
• Global supply chain systems
• Cargo movements across countries and cities
• Logistics warehousing and tracking
• Railway, bridge and airport engineering

As Germany’s leading technical university, our quest is to harness the power of Science and Engineering to build a better future for mankind. Here are some facts about Engineering at our institute:

• Ranked #1 in Engineering (QS Rankings 2015 and ARWU 2015)
• Ranked 17th worldwide for Engineering
• Current research includes projects like self-healing concrete and solar-powered homes in order to build a sustainable future

TUM offers 1 programme in relevance to Civil Engineering here at TUM’s Asian campus:

• Master of Science in Rail, Transport and Logistics

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