Studying short-term courses allows you to nurture skills relevant to the future, and build a bright future based on improved mastery of skills in their selected fields of study. By further enabling a highly-skilled and competitive workforce, investing in oneself through such courses allows you to secure a better job, earn higher income, and enjoy a better standard of living.

Continuous education and training remain core to our society and economy today and for the future. At Technical University of Munich (TUM) Asia, we also want to ensure that you can be prepared for the industry at an affordable cost.

Here is an overview of TUM Asia’s Executive Education offerings with funding support:

Specialist Diploma and Workshops*

Course Name Duration (Hrs) Course Fees (SGD)1
Before 8% GST
Specialist Diploma in Advanced Digital Manufacturing
Essentials of Advanced Manufacturing Systems 40 $3,000
Manufacturing Management 40 $3,000
Advanced Manufacturing Project 60 $3,000
Cyber Physical Systems 40 $3,000
Industrial Internet of Things 40 $3,000
Digital Manufacturing Project 60 $3,000

1Participants must achieved at least 75% attendance and have sat for and passed the examinations/ assessments

Graduate Diploma

Course Name Duration (Hrs) Course Fees (SGD)1
Before 8% GST
Post Diploma Certificate 1: Railway Trackworks
RE101: Rail Transport and Rail Planning 45 $2,200
RE102: Trackworks 45 $2,200
RE103: Ballastless Track Systems 45 $2,200
Post Diploma Certificate 2: Railway Planning and Operations
RE201: Tunnelworks and Geotechniques 45 $2,200
RE202: Train Control and Signalling Systems 45 $2,200
RE203: Rolling Stock 45 $2,200

Professional Certificates

The fee for one participant per modules is priced at SGD 2,200.00 (excl. Goods & Services Tax).

For a limited time, TUM Asia offers participants and companies a preferential module price package if you take up a combination of multiple modules or multiple participants per company for a module^:

1 module – SGD 2,200.00 (excl. GST)
2 modules – 10% discount on total sum
3 modules – 15% discount on total sum
4 or more modules – 20% discount on total sum

^We allow multiple individuals from the same organization to consolidate their module choices to benefit from the package. For example, if Company A is sending two employees for a total of 4 modules (2 modules per employee), Company A will receive a total of 20% discount on their total price paid. Do note that the discount packages are only available if the multiple modules are paid at one go and in the same invoice. To check if you are eligible for the discount, contact us to find out more.



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