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Prof. Dr.-Ing Ulf Schlichtmann

Chair of Electronic Design Automation
Department of EEIT, TUM

Teaching Professor, TUM Asia

Prof. Schlichtmann (b. 1964) has been a teaching professor at TUM Asia since the inception of the Master of Science in Integrated Circuit Design programme in 2005. In 2010, Prof. Schlichtmann was part of the programme committee representing TUM to set up the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering & Information Technology, in collaboration with the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). He has also been a teaching professor in the programme since.

Prof. Schlichtmann is known among his students to be an experienced professor with an excellent command of his teaching field. On a personal front, his students find him approachable and helpful, highly respected by all. His recent awards include Best Paper Award des International Symposium on Integrated Circuits, Singapore (2009).

In his field of research, Prof. Schlichtmann explores methodologies and automation to aid the design of complex (digital and analog) electronic circuits and systems. These can often have billions of components and need to be designed using sophisticated mathematics-based optimization and analysis processes.

Prof. Schlichtmann studied electrical engineering at TUM and did his doctorate on computer-aided design processes. He completed a postgraduate industrial engineering qualification at the same time. After that, he worked for Siemens AG and Infineon Technologies AG in a number of technical and managerial positions for just under 10 years. One of his roles was senior manager overseeing the global development of libraries. In 2003, Prof. Schlichtmann accepted an offer from TUM. Outside of his research activities, he also organizes international English language courses. In his role as liaison lecturer of the Foundation of German Business (SDW), he oversees a large group of scholarship holders.

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