A Graduate’s Perspective: Yashvin Beni

02 March 2016

A quick glance into a classroom at TUM Asia will reveal the diversity of students at our university. Hailing from more than 13 different countries, our Master students arrive from all over the world to pursue their graduate degree at Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) Asia.

Yashvin Beni, from Mauritius, decided to pursue his Masters here in Singapore after completing his Bachelor degree in his home country. Three years later, having graduated with top honours in the NTU-TUM Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering, we catch up with Yashvin on his experience in Singapore and Germany.

Yashvin graduated from the Aerospace Engineering programme in 2015.

Yashvin graduated from the Aerospace Engineering programme in 2015.

Hi Yashvin, could you give us a brief introduction about yourself? 

Hi, my name is Yashvin Beni and I am from Mauritius. I graduated in Electronic and Communication Engineering at the University of Mauritius before being accepted for the Master program in Aerospace Engineering here in Singapore which is jointly offered by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM).  After completing my Masters, I am currently employed and I am working with aerospace companies in Singapore and Germany to develop next-generation aviation solutions.

Mauritius is nine hours away by flight. Singaporeans often think of Mauritius as an exotic destination. How did you come to choose Singapore as your destination of study?

I did my background research and noticed that Singapore has been continuously at the forefront of technological innovation. The setting up of state-of-the-art aerospace facilities which collaborate with world-renowned industries is the main reason that attracted me to Singapore.

Yashvin currently works in the field of aviation here in Singapore.

Yashvin currently works in the field of aviation here in Singapore.

Having graduated from your Masters, what is one memorable experience you have?

I would think that the opportunity for all TUM Asia students to be able to travel to Germany for their thesis and internship is an unique opportunity. My one-year spent in Munich, Germany as part of my research work would be that memorable experience. There is nothing more rewarding than travelling Europe while at the same time having fun undertaking your research work.

You have an interesting journey because you studied in Singapore, then Germany and ended up working in Singapore. How did that happen?

Following my Master thesis, I was offered a research and development position in a Business Intelligence Flight Operation company in Singapore and this was an exciting prospect for me. Singapore’s aerospace industry not only excel in their traditional areas of innovation but is ever ready to invest in emerging fields, which has always been a key deciding factor for me to stay in Singapore.I am enjoying working and living in Singapore at the moment.

As a foreigner, do you know if you move home eventually?

Well, Singapore is great for her food. But I do miss the beautiful beaches back home in Mauritius. From my perspective, I see that Mauritius and Singapore do share similarities in terms of the culture and country’s demographics. For myself, I hope to be able to develop synergies between Mauritius and Singapore in the field of aviation and to see the possibility of bringing home the knowledge acquired here in Singapore. That’s all I know for now.

As someone who is a “global citizen”, what advice do you have for others considering a similar path?

I would tell them that intuition is your best guide and if you are passionate about something, you should work hard to make it happen. Setbacks are always a source of learning and Singapore is an excellent place to be the starting point of your personal growth.

Yashvin studied at TUM Asia to obtain his Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering, conferred by TUM and NTU.
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