Zhang Shengguo

Traffic Engineer

Master of Science in Rail, Transport and Logistics

Institution: TUM Asia


Zhang Shengguo holds a M.Sc. degree at Technical University of Munich and a B.E. in Transportation at Southwest Jiaotong University, China. He joined TUM Asia in 2022 and worked as a traffic engineer for the project of Pick-up and Drop-off point (PUDO) design for future Autonomous Vehicles’ deployment under the support of LTA (Land Transport Authority). Previously, he has done agent-based simulations using AnyLogic and acquired the skills of simulating transportation systems. He also shared his works on the internet as tutorials.

His role in the PUDO project is the modelling of PUDOs, data analysis to understand traffic patterns, and report writing. Under the supervision of Dr.-Ing Andreas Rau, he writes a master’s thesis which investigates the driving behaviors of AVs at PUDOs and manages to find the optimal model.


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