Prof. Dr. Ulrich Heiz


PhD in Physical Chemistry


Research Projects

  • DFG He 3454/9-2 (2009-2011; € 279’300); Chemical functionalities of size-selected clusters.
  • DFG 3454/10-1 (2008-2010; € 187’600); Highly sensitive infrared studies on supported metal cluster adsorbates by IR-CRDS.
  • DFG He3454/16-1 EU-Project Euroscores-FANAS, NOMICS (2008-2010; € 383’160); Nanomanipulation of metallic clusters on insulating surfaces.
  • Deutsch-Französische Hochschule, G2R-FA-31-07 (2008-2012; € 279’460); Photochemische Eigenschaften von Nanostrukturen.
  • International Graduate Schoool of Sustainable Energy (Begin June 2009-2012; € 100’000); Molecular understanding of the steam reforming of acetic and formic acid.
  • ERC-Advanced Grant; No 246645 – ASC3 (2010-2015; € 2’301’600); Asymmetric Cluster Chemistry and Catalysis.

Selected Publications

1. A. Sanchez, S. Abbet, U. Heiz, W.-D. Schneider, H. Häkkinen, R. N. Barnett and U. Landman When gold is not noble: Nano-scale gold catalyst. J. Phys. Chem. A 103 9573-9578 (1999). Group leader of experimental group. Times cited: 673

2. S. Abbet, A. Sanchez, U. Heiz, and W.-D. Schneider, A.M. Ferrari, G. Pacchioni, and N. Rösch Acetylene Cyclotrimerization on supported size-selected Pdn clusters (1  n  30): One atom is enough! J. Am. Chem. Soc. 122 3453-3457 (2000). Group leader of experimental group. Times cited: 121

3. H. Häkkinen, S. Abbet, A. Sanchez, U. Heiz, and U. Landman Structural, electronic, and impurity-doping effects in nanoscale chemistry: Supported gold nanoclusters. Angew. Chemie Int. Ed., 42 1297-1300 (2003). Group leader of experimental group. Times cited: 233

4. Bokwon Yoon, U. Landman, A. Wörz, J.-M. Antonietti, S. Abbet, K. Judai, and U. Heiz Probing of charging and reactivity of supported gold nanoclusters: Bonding of CO to gold octamers adsorbed on magnesia Science, 307, 403-407 (2005). Times cited: 403

5. C.J. Harding, V. Habibpour, S. Kunz, A. Nam-Su Farnbacher, U. Heiz, B. Yoon, U. Landman, Control and manipulation of gold nanocatalysis: Effects of metal oxide support thickness and composition. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 131, 538 (2009). Times cited: 22


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