Dr.-Ing. Christoph Wieland



Email: wieland.UDE@outlook.de


  • Group-leader Thermodynamic Processes and Heat Transfer
  • Managing Director Munich School of Engineering
  • Mangement of Research Projects


  • Thermodynamic cycle calculations (IpsePro, Matlab, Ebsilon Professional, Aspen)
  • Simulation of ORC cycle, ORC applications
  • Decentralized energy systems
  • Waste heat utilization
  • Fuel analysis
  • Slagging and fouling in steam boilers
  • Measurements in power plants


  1. Biber, A.; Tunçinan, M.; Wieland, C.; Spliethoff, H.: Negative price spiral caused by renewables? Electricity price prediction on the German market for 2030. The Electricity Journal 35 (8/107188), 2022. [more…]
  2. Biber, A.; Wieland, C.; Spliethoff, H.: Economic analysis of energy storages integrated into combined-cycle power plants. Energy Policy (170 / 113255), 2022. [more…]
  3. Duggal, R.; Rayudu, R.; Hinkley, J.; Burnell, J.; Wieland, C.; Keim, M.: A comprehensive review of energy extraction from low-temperature geothermal resources in hydrocarbon fields. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 154 (154 / 111865), 2022. [more…]
  4. Eyerer, S.; Dawo, F.; Schifflechner, C.; Niederdränk, A.; Spliethoff, H.; Wieland, C.: Experimental evaluation of an ORC-CHP architecture based on regenerative preheating for geothermal applications. Applied Energy 315 (119057), 2022. [more…]
  5. Molar-Cruz, A.; Keim, M.F.; Schifflechner, C.; Loewer, M.; Zosseder, K.; Drews, M.; Wieland, C.; Hamacher, T.: Techno-economic optimization of large-scale deep geothermal district heating systems with long-distance heat transport. Energy Conversion and Management 267 (115906), 2022 [more…]
  6. Pili, R.; Wieland, C.; Spliethoff, H.; Haglind, F.: Numerical analysis of feedforward concepts for advanced control of organic Rankine cycle systems on heavy-duty vehicles. Journal of Cleaner Production 351 (131470), 2022 [more…]
  7. Schifflechner, C.; Wieland C.; , Spliethoff, H.: CO2 Plume Geothermal (CPG) Systems for Combined Heat and Power Production: an Evaluation of Various Plant Configurations. Journal of Thermal Science 31 (5), 2022, 1266-1278 [more…]
  8. Wieland, C.; Faza’a, N.; Schuster, A.; Springer, J.-P.; Nowak, E.; Medina, E. R.; Katsikas, S.; Sakalis, G.; Spliethoff, H.: Energy Efficiency for Marine Application: Waste Heat Recovery Solutions and Photovoltaics in Long-Distance Shipping. ScienceDirect, Transportation Research Procedia, 2022 [more…]

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