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Rising above Adversity amid COVID-19 (Delano Dean Brown)

Rising above Adversity amid COVID-19 (Delano Dean Brown)

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us in more ways than one Let’s find out more from our students about their thoughts on the current COVID-19 situation and their motivations to join TUM Asia, and what they hope to achieve after graduation. 

Hi Delano, tell us what inspired you to study logistics with TUM in Singapore?

I am from Portmore, Jamaica. I have previously obtained a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of the West Indies, and am currently studying Masters of Science in Rail, Transport and Logistics (RTL) at TUM Asia.

What motivated you to come to Singapore and study a Master’s degree? 

I wanted to learn more about transport and how we can move people and goods more effectively. It wasn’t so much about the country, but the courses offered by TUM RTL programme. Being in Singapore has been helpful. Observing Singapore’s public transport system and learning how the transport demand is being managed has reinforced some of the lessons learned in the course.

What is one thing that you miss about your home country?

I miss my family as I have a tight-knit family and enjoy being around them. We communicate as often as possible through digital means, but I still miss them.

How have your classes and life been these days amidst the current situation (COVID-19)? 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our classes and exams have moved online. I actually prefer the face-to-face interaction with the lecturers, so I’m still adapting to this new form of learning. Fortunately, I have completed most of my classes before COVID-19.

What is one challenge faced by the world that you wish you could solve and how would you do it?

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One pressing challenge I wish I could solve is the disparity between wealth and opportunity. Many factors contribute to this; one of which is the ability of one to access such opportunities. Access to these opportunities (Education, Healthcare, Career) is important in bridging this disparity. I can do my part by contributing to the development of sustainable transport systems.

What do you hope to achieve after graduating from TUM Asia? 

I would love to contribute to transport issues in my country. Major improvements can be made to our public and active transport systems. This may include improving pedestrian spaces, introducing bicycle lanes or rationalisation of public transport to include some form of rapid transit. I’m also fascinated with handcarts (as used in Jamaica) and would like to explore possibilities to improve their operation.

Any encouraging message for your fellow students? 

Changes in learning, loss of part-time jobs and the uncertainty of finding internships during this period have made the past few months trying. The uncertainty of the future can be stressful, but it also provides us with opportunities to adapt and be inventive. I would encourage everyone to stay hopeful, be positive and remember the reasons why you chose to embark on this journey in the first place. And in these times let us be our brother’s keepers.

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