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New Chapter, New Prospects (Alejandro Illan Manzano)

New Chapter, New Prospects (Alejandro Illan Manzano)

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As our Master of Science students embark on their first semester in the various Master programmes, our DIGEST team took the opportunity to speak to Alejandro to find out more about how he has been adjusting to his studies at TUM Asia and living in Singapore.


Hi Alejandro, can you give our readers a short introduction about yourself?

Alejandro: Hi! I come from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. I am very excited to be here in Singapore! I am studying the Master degree in Rail, Transportation, Logistics.


What attracted you to study in Singapore?

Alejandro: Honestly, I was not convinced of studying a Masters as I was doing very well with my family, friends and in my job. Nevertheless, I know that having a Master degree is a huge advantage to be internationally competitive. I was also doing logistics at work, and I decided that this is what I want to do my entire life in different parts of the world. I looked up for Master programmes focused on this field. I was initially keen to go back to Germany having studied at TUM’s Munich campus in the past. However after chancing upon TUM Asia and finding out the programme would be conducted in Singapore, I decided on that right away! I researched about Singapore and there were so many positive aspects that I could learn from the country. Logistics wise, there are tons of different areas where this field is applied.


How has it been like adjusting to living away from home? 

Alejandro: I have visited Singapore back in 2014 when I was living in Bangkok. I really loved the place and could not stop going to the Gardens by the Bay and I am still going there today. Language is not a problem and the public transportation in Singapore is well connected and clean. I am having such a great time that I have not felt even close to homesick. The only aspect I am still getting used to it is the weather as it is very hot and humid as compared to Mexico.


“What I appreciate is that all the professors that have taught me are excellent in their areas. I know that the person in front teaching me is a person that is well prepared and knows exactly about the topic as it is their expertise.”


Has anything stood out to you so far from studying at TUM Asia?  

Alejandro: In the past, I have attended university courses in Thailand, the United States, Germany, and Mexico. TUM Asia has a different way of teaching and what I appreciate is that all the professors that have taught me are excellent in their areas. They have done so many important projects or had great collaborations with companies, universities, and the government. I know that the person in front teaching me is a person that is well prepared and knows exactly about the topic as it is their expertise.


What do you hope to learn while being in this Master’s programme? 

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Alejandro: I want to learn the content of the courses I am enrolled to and gain the full perspective and the opinion of the TUM professors teaching me. They are the experts and they know a lot through experience on how to deal with real-life situations of logistics. I am also excited to learn about the mindsets of my classmates. My classmates come from India, China, Singapore, Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Jamaica. It was very interesting when we had discussions and compared point of views from different situations.

What is one area of Engineering that you hope to make an impact in next time?

Alejandro: I am very interested in environmental engineering. I would like to dedicate more in this area as we are currently facing the different effects of climate change. I know that supply chain management, other processes where logistics are involved, green energy and sustainability can improve in many ways. The next step I am really looking forward is to work in this field and hopefully to be able to improve the daily activities in the logistics field. By improving such areas, we can lessen the damage on our planet.


Alejandro Illan Manzano is from the TUM Master of Science in Rail, Transport & Logistics programme, which has been running since 2009. The programme has been revamped for the AY2019/2020 intake. More information about the programme >>

This interview was published in the DIGEST Sept – Dec 2019 issue >>


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