Alumni Feature (Chemical Engineering): Rilette Cirlem

08 April 2019

Rilette graduated from the Bachelor of Science programme in Chemical Engineering in July 2018 and has transited to working life. The Verbinden team speaks with her to find out more about how she is adapting to her new job as an engineer in practice.


Hi Rilette, can you give our readers a short introduction about yourself?

Rilette: Hi, my name is Rilette Cirlem. I was enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and graduated in July this year. I am currently working in Exion Asia as an Application Engineer.

What led you to pursue an education in Chemical Engineering?

Rilette: I decided to pursue Chemical Engineering because it does not only focus on the technical aspects of engineering, but also incorporates other fields such as chemistry and material science. Back then, I thought that this might give me exciting career choices in the future, and I found it to be true when I started looking for jobs after graduation.

You have just graduated not too long ago. How would you describe your academic journey in TUM Asia?

Rilette: It was not easy adapting to TUM’s block teaching style and taking examinations almost every three weeks. But at the same time, it was a very fulfilling experience. It gives me such pride and joy to think that my friends and I have managed to complete the course together. One of the highlights in my journey in TUM Asia would be the Overseas Immersion Programme (OIP) in Germany, where I did my Bachelor Thesis. Apart from all the academic knowledge I have gained, I was exposed to different cultures and made amazing friends along the way. This experience has been priceless.


Apart from all the academic knowledge I have gained, I was exposed to different cultures and made amazing friends along the way. This experience has been priceless.”


How has it been transiting from student life to working life?

Rilette:  It was challenging at first because due to the nature of my work, making a mistake could cause an impact to the company and the people around you. Whereas during my student life, it was okay to make mistakes because this is where you learn. Having worked for a few months now, things are getting better, and while I still have so much to learn, I have grown in my confidence to handle work tasks.

Can you tell us more about your role and responsibilities at work?

Rilette: My company is an equipment distributor to Pharmaceutical and Oil and Gas companies. As an Application Engineer, I work in conjunction with the sales team. I provide technical advice and solution to technical issues that they may face throughout the execution of a project. I am also currently handling projects which requires mixers – where I get to propose the best mixer based on the client’s application.

Do you think your studies in TUM Asia has contributed to your current career choice

Rilette: I wanted to be exposed to different industries, learn from the different processes and widen my network along the way. I think this would be beneficial for me in the long run. My degree studies have given me an advantage especially when applying for my job. My company felt that Chemical Engineers would be best suited for the job due to their knowledge in certain processes.   –


Rilette Cirlem studied in the Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Chemical Engineering with the Technical University of Munich. He studied in the Singapore branch campus (TUM Asia) and spent five months in Munich, Germany to complete her thesis at the home campus of the university. 

To read the full interview with Rilette, it was first published in our Verbinden Alumni Newsletter (Fall 2018). View the e-newsletter here >> TUM Asia administrates the TUM Bachelor degrees together with the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). GCE ‘A’ Levels, Polytechnic Diploma and international qualification holders may apply for the TUM Bachelor degrees. Find out more about the programmes offered >>

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