Conferred by Technische Universität München in collaboration with Singapore Institute of Technology


In collaboration with the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), TUM Asia offers these Bachelor of Science degree programmes:

The programmes are conferred by the Technische Universität München and are campus-blind* (you will receive a degree certificate identical to those studying in the home campus of the TUM). Set up since 2009, these programmes aim to produce highly skilled graduates based on the needs of the industry. The programmes have been tailored to provide the student with the foundation of German expertise knowledge, with the relevance of the Asian markets.

*Our degrees are not distance-learning programmes as professors from TUM will fly in to teach on an exclusive basis, similar to the TUM courses conducted in Germany.

“During our course of study, our professors gave us a practical education, combining theory with industry relevant application so that my classmates and I can be well prepared in our careers. Till now, I still fondly remember one of my professors telling me; “My mission is not to repeat all those manuscripts. Rather, it is to train all of you to be much better than me at my age.””
Yue Chao, (Top Graduate, BSc in Electrical Engineering & I.T.)


Apart from being able to study in the comforts of home, there are other benefits. You will be taught by TUM professors in almost all your modules, all of whom are flying from TUM to TUM Asia to teach you exclusively. You will also be taught in English – and no prior knowledge of German is required – though we are sure you will pick up some phrases from your professors/TAs during the course of study! Last but not least, you will still go to TUM in Germany! Your Bachelor Thesis – which ranges over 3 to 6 months – will be conducted in TUM itself. When you are in Munich, you will be matriculated at the TUM campus itself, ensuring you have full access to the facilities at the TUM.

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A promising future
Law Wei Cai

An electric future
Adrian Wong

Ahead with German engineering
Lee Poh Sein

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Engineering the family business
Lim Wei Ting

International opportunities

Engineered to be the best
Joey Chan

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Gaining Overseas Exposure
Lee Poh Sein

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