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Highlights of SIT-TUM’s Bachelor of Engineering Programmes (Honours)
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Ever dreamt of engineering the next invention or pioneering the next revolution in Information Technology? If you do, TUM-SIT’s new Bachelor of Engineering Programmes may well be perfect for you! Nurturing enablers to take on the unknowns of tomorrow, TUM has rolled out two new 4-year Honours programmes in partnership with SIT: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Electronics and Data Engineering (Honours).  

A key highlight of our undergraduate courses is that lessons will be taught by both SIT faculty as well as TUM’s own German faculty, combining German engineering with Asian relevance. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to work full-time in a host company for eight months under the Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP), blending theory with practice and obtaining valuable industrial know-how. You will also be part of a three-week Overseas Immersion Programme, to expand your global perspective, as you fly to Germany to understand current industry challenges, visit the main TUM campus and interact with our German faculty and students there.  

Read on to find out more about each programme! 


Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours) 

The Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours) programme is the first and only course in Singapore that equips budding chemical engineers with relevant chemical Industry 4.0 skillsets. Students will be trained with the skills needed to manufacture products through intelligent processes, allowing them to thrive and adapt in the ever-changing and fluid local and global chemical industry. Through this programme, students will gain knowledge in digital value chain integration, seamless asset lifecycle management, and business-to-plant production control. All students will have the option to specialise in either Data Engineering or Additive Manufacturing. Students who select the additive manufacturing specialisation will be taught 3D-printing design, formulation and engineering principles. This programme will therefore train future chemical engineers to integrate digital systems with smart or additive manufacturing seamlessly and effectively. Graduates will thus be equipped for roles in the fine, specialty and petrochemical industries. 


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Bachelor of Electronics and Data Engineering (Honours) 

The Bachelor of Electronics and Data Engineering (Honoursprogramme is a course that combines electronics and data engineering concepts to equip students with the requisite skills and competencies in the emerging digital market. Students will be equipped with deep knowledge in semiconductor physics and circuit design, along with intensive mathematics, to enable them to take on important roles in the data science and machine learning industries. Through these focus areas, students can apply emerging digital technologies set to revolutionise the electronics and semiconductor manufacturing industry, and contribute to new avenues of growth, such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, data analytics, robotics and automation. Graduates will be fully equipped for roles in technology, particularly electrical and electronics engineer, data engineer, process engineer, Integrated Circuit production and test engineer, as well as application engineer. 

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