TUM Asia Participates In Step-Up Programme Orientation With The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund

15 April 2014

TUM Asia Students Give Back To The Community


Photo: TUM Asia Undergraduates (Committee members of the event) with Ms Martina Wong, General Manager of The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund / Dr Jennifer Ziriakus, Head of Faculty (Chemistry)

SINGAPORE, 12 APRIL 2014 – TUM Asia’s undergraduate students from the Student Management Committee partnered with The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (STSPMF) to organize the 2014 Step-Up programme orientation.

The Step-Up programme is a weekly 90-minute coaching programme intended to focus on the English language, national education, and values education to benefit students in need of additional support. The Step-Up coaches consist of volunteers from junior colleges and tertiary institutions, who will then be paired with a child to mentor to support their preparation for the PSLE English examination.

The orientation event was planned as a platform for the new coaches to utilize fun and games to forge bonds with their mentees outside of a classroom environment. As a meaningful way for students to be involved in giving back to the community, TUM Asia agreed to sponsor this year’s orientation in support of the Student Committee’s efforts to undertake this project.

It was an exciting experience for the students to be involved in planning an enriching and fun event. The event was held at the East Coast Park and the committee planned a beachside “race” for the participants. An exciting “Clash of Clans” ensued – with four different clans fighting to win the grand trophy from the King! To train the clan’s skills, they were tested at different game stations as they worked together to defeat their opponets and gain important points for their own clan. One could easily hear the chorus of voices from afar, as teammates cheered their friends on to complete the tasks in the quickest time possible.

The orientation helped to break down the possible barriers that could deter effective learning in the classroom, with the tutors and mentees bonding by the beach without having to worry about the confines of homework and textbooks. The social work officers had only praises for the event and many of them commented that the kids really enjoyed themselves.

Everyone had a wonderful time enjoying the weather at the park. The young participants, ranging from age 7 to age 12, commented that it was a rare opportunity for them to be able to visit the beach and that this was their first time playing these games. It was a really memorable and joyful experience for them. The orientation was indeed an exceptionally positive experience for everyone that participated.

On the university’s end, TUM Asia students were really pleased to be able to give back to the community though this Step-Up programme orientation and are excited for opportunities for further collaboration in such events in the future.

For more information, please write to marketing.dept@tum-asia.edu.sg.


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