Renewable Technologies

Engineering is about using science to find creative, practical solutions
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Renewable Technologies

Facing a world shortage in natural resources, scientists and engineers are now racing against time to find new solutions to build a sustainable future for the next generations

Did you know that the search for renewable energy, materials and products are on a meteoric rise like never before? Companies and professionals need renewable technologies now more than ever. Some examples of renewable technology solutions needed are:

• Renewable Energy (Wind energy, Solar energy, Marine energy)
• Green Materials in Manufacturing
• Sustainable Electronics
• Recyclable Plastics/Packaging
• Bio-fuel (Algae fuel, Bio-diesel)
• Artificial Photosynthesis
• Renewable Agriculture
• Electro-Mobility

As Germany’s leading technical university, our quest is to harness the power of Science and Engineering to build a better future for mankind. Here are some facts about our progress in renewable technology:

• TUM’s 13 faculties are actively working on projects that focuses on sustainability
• One example would be the Master of Science in Sustainable Resource Management at TUM
• Projects that highlight the search of renewable energy and sustainable solutions include the NexusHaus project and the use of LED technology to grow algae for food crops

TUM is ranked 17th worldwide in Engineering and 8th globally in the New York Times’ Global Employability Survey. Having a campus in Asia has allowed TUM to share her expertise in sustainability in the Asian region.

TUM offers one programme in relevance to sustainability here at TUM’s Asian campus:

• Master of Science in Green Electronics*

*Joint degree by TUM and NTU. Other degrees not indicated with an asterisk are TUM conferred degrees.

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