Prof. Reinhard Niessner




Topics of Current Research

Instrumental developments in the area of :

  • Soot & exhaust aerosol characterization
  • Protein – Microarray – Chips (antibodies, oligonucleotides)
  • Laser-based online & in situ  aerosol sensors
  • Analytes of interest : biotoxins, nitro – PAHs, antibiotics
  • Microorganisms & Viruses
  • Enrichment und separation techniques for micro – & nanoparticles

Selected Publication

1. Veronika Langer, Georg Hartmann, Reinhard Niessner, Michael Seidel (2012) Rapid quantification of bioaerosols containing L. pneumophila by Coriolis air sampler and chemiluminescence antibody microarrays. Journal of Aerosol Science 48, 46–55

2. Stampfl, Andreas; Maier, Melanie; Radykewicz, Roman; Reitmeir, Peter; Göttlicher, Martin; Niessner, Reinhard  (2011) Langendorff Heart: A Model System To Study Cardiovascular Effects of Engineered Nanoparticles. ACS Nano 5(7), 5345-5353

3. Schmid, Johannes; Grob, Benedikt; Niessner, Reinhard; Ivleva, Natalia P.  (2011) Multiwavelength Raman Microspectroscopy for Rapid Prediction of Soot Oxidation Reactivity. Analytical Chemistry (Washington, DC, United States)  83(4), 1173-1179

4. Carrara, Matteo; Wolf, Jan-Christoph; Niessner, Reinhard (2010) Nitro-PAH formation studied by interacting artificially PAH-coated soot aerosol with NO2 in the temperature range of 295-523 K . Atmospheric Environment  44(32), 3878-3885

5. Haisch, Christoph; Kykal, Carsten; Niessner, Reinhard (2008) Photophoretic Velocimetry for the Characterization of Aerosols. Analytical Chemistry (Washington, DC, United States)  80(5), 1546-1551

6. Sadezky, A.; Muckenhuber, H.; Grothe, H.; Niessner, R.; Poeschl, U. (2005) Raman microspectroscopy of soot and related carbonaceous materials. Spectral analysis and structural information. Carbon  43(8), 1731-1742

7. Schindler, Wolfgang; Haisch, Christoph; Beck, Harald A.; Niessner, Reinhard; Jacob, Eberhard; Rothe, Dieter  (2004) A photoacoustic sensor system for time resolved quantification of diesel soot emissions. Society of Automotive Engineers, [Special Publication] SP SP-1862(Emissions Measurement & Testing), 151-158

8. Lackhoff, Marion; Niessner, Reinhard  (2002) Photocatalytic atrazine degradation by synthetic minerals, atmospheric aerosols, and soil particles. Environmental Science and Technology  36(24), 5342-5347

9. Panne, U.; Knoller, A.; Kotzick, R.; Niessner, R. (2000) On-line and in-situ detection of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) on aerosols via thermodesorption and laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy. Fresenius’ Journal of Analytical Chemistry  366(4), 408-414

10. Spanner, G.; Schroeder, H.; Petzold, A.; Niessner, R.  (1994) Generation of carbon aerosols by fragmentation of acetylene in a laser-induced plasma. Journal of Aerosol Science 25(2), 265-75

11. Klockow, Dieter; Niessner, Reinhard; Malejczyk, Monika; Kiendl, Harro; Vom Berg, Bernd; Keuken, Menno P.; Wayers-Ypelaan, Anita; Slanina, Jakob (1989) Determination of nitric acid and ammonium nitrate by means of a computer-controlled thermodenuder system. Atmospheric Environment  23(5), 1131-8

12. Robers, W.; Schroeder, H.; Kompa, K. L.; Niessner, R. (1988) Photoionization and thermal ionization of aerosols by pulsed laser radiation. Zeitschrift fuer Physikalische Chemie (Muenchen, Germany)  159(2), 129-48

13. Niessner, R. (1986) The chemical response of the photo-electric aerosol sensor (PAS) to different aerosol systems. Journal of Aerosol Science 17(4), 705-14

14. Slanina, Jakob; Schoonebeek, Carlo A. M.; Klockow, Dieter; Niessner, Reinhard (1985) Determination of sulfuric acid and ammonium sulfates by means of a computer-controlled thermo-denuder system. Analytical Chemistry 57(9), 1955-60


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