Munich: A Home Away From Home (Kai Xuan)

16 May 2019

The Overseas Immersion Programme (OIP) is a highlight for most TUM Asia final-year undergraduates. Students spend three to five months at the home campus in Munich, Germany, taking in many new experiences while completing their Bachelor Thesis. In this issue, the DIGEST team catches up with six Bachelor students to learn more about their time in Europe.


We are happy to hear that you are settling well in Germany! How has it been living in Munich so far, especially as compared to Singapore?

Kai Xuan: When I first got to Munich, I had to adjust to navigating around an unfamiliar city. I took some time to explore the city and to familiarise myself with my new work place and school environment. Besides that, I have met many new people and grew to adapt to the culture and food.

Is there anything about the German culture and lifestyle that stood out to you?

Kai Xuan: I realise that the Germans really love their local beer, and they are proud of their local football team. To me, the most impressive aspect of their culture is ‘punctuality’. The buses and trains come right on time and so do the people.

What would be your most memorable experience so far? 

Kai Xuan: My most memorable experience is to have experienced Munich’s biggest event of the year, the Oktoberfest. The event was held on the final Saturday of September to the first Sunday of October every year. My friends and I enjoyed the relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where strangers invited everyone else to cheer and. Also, it was my first time getting drunk in the afternoon!

Do you find any difference between studying in Munich and studying in Singapore?

Kai Xuan: I would think that the study styles in Germany and Singapore are rather similar. Students are encouraged to be independent, self-disciplined, willing to pick up new concepts and accept new challenges. For me, this is rather true in both countries’ context.

Can you tell us more about the topic you have chosen for your bachelor thesis, and its potential impact?

Kai Xuan: In an inner-city scenario where roads are narrow with very close turn points, it is difficult to infer whether the front vehicle is turning or lanekeeping. For my thesis topic, I have chosen to work with autonomous vehicles and their ability to maintain safety constraints while ensuring passenger comfort. This is done through a programmed function that helps a designed controller to correctly infer another vehicle’s desired turn manoeuvres. This helps to create safer road vehicles in autonomous driving.

Lastly, what is one thing you will miss about Germany when your OIP ends?

Kai Xuan: I will miss the freedom of travelling, the cool weather and the slower pace of life in Munich.  


Ng Kai Xuan studied in the Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering & Information Technology with the Technical University of Munich. She studied in the Singapore branch campus (TUM Asia) and spent three months in Munich, Germany to complete her Bachelor thesis at the home campus of the university. 

To read the full interview with Kai Xuan, it was first published in our DIGEST newsletter (Jan 2019). View the e-newsletter here >>

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