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To combine German efficiency with Asian experience, this becomes the one-of-a-kind education that you can’t find everywhere.
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Maria Emelkina

Senior Consultant
Optimum Solutions

Master of Science in Transport & Logistics

For Maria, TUM Asia was her first choice when she had to choose a reason to study abroad. Singapore was Maria’s port of call because it was a bustling hub of activities, a melting pot of culture and Asia’s most developed logistics hub.

In line with Maria’s interests, the Master of Science in Transport and Logistics conferred by Technische Universität München (TUM) was strategically placed as it offered her the chance to learn the German way of business fused with relevancy of the Asian region. “The German efficiency is renowned throughout the world and I wanted to learn what made it so special,” she says. “And when you combine that with Asian experience, it becomes a one-of-the-kind education that you can’t find in most places.”

Throughout her time in Singapore, Maria has visited the Port of Singapore and warehouses of key logistical players in the industry as part of her industry-based curriculum. As globalization continues to sweep across the globe, improved supply chain systems are crucial to the constant successes of the industry. With this in mind, Maria feels that her time at TUM Asia has prepared her for the challenges ahead. “I am constantly amazed at the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the professors. Their dedication and knowledge have helped me build strong foundation for my future career successes.”

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