From Theory To Application (Industrial Chemistry): Purvi Jain

28 November 2017

Completing a compulsory internship and Master Thesis is one of the components of a TUM Asia Master of Science programme. Students are able to apply what they learnt into the industry, while making new connections in the workforce. We hear from Purvi Jain from the Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry programme to hear about her unique experience interning at Wacker Chemicals, Singapore. 

Q: Hello Purvi, can you tell us more about yourself?

Purvi: I am from India and prior to doing my Masters at TUM Asia, I did my Bachelors in Petrochemical Engineering.

Q: Home is a distance away from Singapore. Making the decision to study miles away from home, was it a difficult decision?

Purvi: It all started in 2016 when I was planning to pursue my Masters abroad. I liked the intensive teaching approach at TUM Asia. Singapore also has many job opportunities concerning my field of interest.

Q: What is one special memory from your studies at TUM Asia?

Purvi:  There are many great memories, but the most precious and delightful memory was meeting Professor Johann Plank from TUM. He impressed me with his approach towards the importance of “Building Chemistry”. He cultivated my interest in construction chemicals and led me to pursue my internship in this field.

Q: Tell us more about your internship experience.

Purvi:  After interacting with Professor Plank, I was quite sure that I wanted to do an internship on a topic related to building chemistry. He offered me a position under him, but I told him about my interest which was better suited for a company environment rather than an academic environment. After completing our module for building chemistry, we were taken for a site visit to Wacker Chemicals in Singapore. Professor Plank recommended me to the HR manager and I was able to secure an internship position.

Q: Can you tell us more about your day-to-day responsibilities at your internship?

Purvi: My daily responsibilities start with reporting to my mentor. I am currently assigned to a project that tests the water uptake of Skimcoat. I make formulations for all samples and mix water to form wet mortar which is later on applied to the limestone blocks and ALC Discs. These specimens are tested for their water uptake capabilities after 7 days and 28 days and curing.

Q: What is something that you think that your internship has given you?

Purvi: This internship has turned out to an essential element to my Masters. I gained practical experience working with polymer and cement in real life company environment. I am now better adapted to working in an industry because I have the knowledge about the industry environment and the kind of work expected from me. I am also happy to learn about the work ethics and culture here in Singapore.

Q: Now that you have come to the end of your Masters, what’s next for you?

Purvi: I look forward to working in a reputable Chemical company.  My decision to pursue Masters in TUM Asia has proven very fruitful as I had the opportunity of meeting amazing professors, mentors and colleagues.  My interactions with such lovely people inspired me and taught me great things about my field as well as my life.

Purvi Jain is from the TUM Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry programme. More information about the programme here >>

This interview was published in the DIGEST Sept – Dec 2017 issue >>


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