Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Klasse 2020!

We may have come from different corners of the world and traversed different time zones, national and cultural spaces, but our passion to better the world and penchant for seeking new knowledge and learning experiences brought us together here at TUM Asia. From once a doe-eyed student, we have since grown, and emerged with deeper knowledge, newer skills and broader perspectives that will infinitely sail us through our next exciting adventure. Before we blaze a trail, let us reminisce the good times we’ve had at TUM Asia.

Congratulations once again to class of 2020.

Stay tuned virtually to celebrate the Graduating Class of 2020



Bachelor of Science Programmes, Master of Science Programmes, Executive Education Programmes





Congratulations to the Class of 2020


With graduates in


Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering & Information Technology


Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering


Master of Science in Green Electronics


Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry


Master of Science in Integrated Circuit Design


Master of Science in Transport & Logistics


Specialist Diploma in Advanced Digital Manufacturing



Due to the current COVID-19 situation, it is not possible for TUM Asia to hold a physical graduation ceremony for the class of 2020. However, this does not mean that we will completely remove the graduation experience for the graduating class. Stay tuned for more details of our virtual graduation ceremony. 


For any questions, kindly email


Programme Schedule 


Welcome Address by TUM President

Prof. Dr. Thomas F. Hofmann


Address by TUM President Emeritus

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang A. Herrmann


Address by former German Ambassador to Singapore

Dr. Ulrich A. Sante


Address by TUM Asia Managing Director

Dr. Markus Wächter


Address by Academic Partners

Prof.Tan Thiam Soon, President, SIT

Prof. Tan Eng Chye, President, NUS

Prof. Lam Khin Yong, Senior Vice President (Research), NTU


Valedictory Address


Presentation of Graduates


Presentation of Awards


Videos of Graduating Class


Messages from the TUM Community


Performance by TUM Choir


Memories of TUM




*Please note that the programme is a tentative schedule and is subject to change. 

Items requested from Graduands:

  1. Professional photo of each graduand (required)
  2. Video message from graduands, and their families if they wish to share a message (optional)
  3. Any other videos, photos or messages of your time at TUM Asia (optional)



Professional Photo Guidelines

  • Please send us a nice professional photo of yourself – We will use this photo and display your full name and programme of study for the virtual graduation.
  • You should ensure that this photo is something you would want to place on your LinkedIn profile/CV/Resume
  • The dress code is smart casual attire
  • Do look at the camera when taking this photo
  • Do ensure that the photo is not blurry, has a high resolution, and that you are pleased with it


2.    VIDEO MESSAGE (optional)

Video Message Filming Guidelines

  • You may film this video on your smartphone, or a professional DSLR if available
  • The duration of the video should be 1 minute (maximum)
  • The video should be filmed in landscape orientation, ideally against a simple background such as a plain white wall
  • The dress code is smart casual
  • Your face and top half of your body should be visible in this video
  • Do make sure to film the video in a quiet and well-lit room
  • Do take note to look at the camera and address the viewers who will be watching this.
  • This recording will be shown to a public audience on our online platforms. Please replay the video after the recording, and check through it to ensure that you are pleased with the video (eg. Audible, non-blurry, non-shaky, able to view yourself clearly, etc.) before sending it to us
  • The recording should be sent to us in mp4 format


Video Message Content Guidelines

Objective: Congratulatory messages from graduands to their fellow graduands, and/or graduands’ families may also choose to share a message for the graduating cohort.


Please introduce yourself when you start speaking (Name, Programme of study)

Guiding questions/points for this video (You may refer to one or more of these points or talk about something that you wish to share with your fellow graduands)

  • Some of your fellow classmates may be sad that they are unable to graduate physically this year, what would you say to them?
  • What is one encouraging message that you would want to share with your fellow classmates or your juniors?
  • What has stood out to you from your education so far?
  • Share a memorable experience that you had during your studies
  • Share one thing that you will miss the most about TUM Asia
  • Share an alumni activity that you look forward to participating with your fellow graduands



Please feel free to send us ( any videos or photos of your time at TUM Asia. They could be activities such as:

  • Outings / field trips with your classmates/professors
  • Classroom activities / presentations
  • Pictures taken on campus
  • Please include your full name, programme enrolled in, and a caption of the activity in the photo

If you prefer to send us a congratulatory message to your fellow graduands and classmates (instead of a video), you may also email your message to us (

  • Please include your full name, the programme you are enrolled in, and the addressee(s) of your congratulatory message



How To Submit Your Photos

  1. Check through the photo once again to ensure that it is of high quality, professional, non-blurry, and a photograph that you are comfortable using.
  2. Email it to from your own TUM Asia email address.
  3. In your email, kindly list your full name and programme of study when you submit your photo (eg. Photograph from Johnathan Smith_MSc in Aerospace Engineering)
  4. If the photo is above the email size limit, you may choose to transfer the photograph to us through, email to and list your own TUM Asia email address as your email address. Kindly list your full name and programme of study when you transfer the photo.


How To Submit Your Videos

  1. Replay the video to check once again that you are pleased with the video (eg. Audible, non-blurry, non-shaky, able to view yourself clearly, etc.)
  2. Go to and add your file.
  3. Email to and list your own TUM Asia email address as your email address.
  4. Under the message, kindly list your full name and programme of study when you submit your video (eg. Video Message from Johnathan Smith_MSc in Aerospace Engineering)
  5. Click transfer. The wetransfer link will automatically be sent to
  6. If you are unsure if TUM Asia has received the wetransfer link, you may also email the link directly to



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