Food Toxicology – 2 Part Masterclass Series*

Understanding and ensuring food safety is essential for professionals active in food science, food business and food control. In particular, the success of food business operators is dependant on being pro-active for food safety. For this task, knowledge in food toxicology and risk assessment is essential.


*The masterclass will be live-streamed due to the current COVID-19 situation. 


This course is intended first to provide insights into the principles of toxicology and second to present specific contaminants and residues in foods (mycotoxins, process contaminants, pesticides, heavy metals) as well as emerging contaminants for risk assessment and ensuring food safety.

Please click on the following links to register or find out more details about the 2 part Masterclass series: 

Masterclass I: Fundamentals of Toxicology and Risk Assessment >>>

Masterclass II: Food Safety Management >>>

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