Electrical Engineering

Engineering is about using science to find creative, practical solutions
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Electrical Engineering

From million-dollar skyscrapers to nano-sized pieces of technology, Electrical Engineers are responsible for the inventions in your hands.


Did you know that Electrical Engineering is one of the key driving forces behind the technology we use today? Engineers with an Electrical Engineering background have the opportunity to be part of teams that work on the following and more:

• 4G/5G wireless connectivity
• Electric-powered vehicles (eg. Skateboards, Motorbikes, Cars)
• High-definition (HD) cameras in smartphones
• Large scale lighting systems for skyscrapers
• Light and compact-sized batteries with longer performance hours
• Ultra-fast processors on our smartphones, tablets and computers
• Wearable technology (eg. iWatch, fitness trackers)
• Video chat capabilities on your smartphone

Electrical engineers are not restricted to a single job scope. Instead, they can be employed any of in the following fields and more: Automation, Automotive Technology, Communications Engineering, Electronics, Electro-Mobility, Human-Machine Interaction, Integrated Circuits and Solid State Devices, Intelligent Energy Networks, Media Technology, Power Systems, Robotics

As Germany’s leading technical university, our Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology has a long prestigious history in grooming the best minds. Here are some facts about the TUM department in Electrical Engineering:

• Ranked #1 in Engineering (QS Rankings 2015 and ARWU 2015)
• Ranked best Electrical Engineering faculty by German companies (Wirtschaftswoche)
• Ranked 17th worldwide for Engineering
• One of TUM’s most established and long-standing faculties with strong ties to German companies

TUM offers 3 programmes in relevance to Electrical Engineering here at TUM’s Asian campus:

• Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
• Master of Science (MSc) in Green Electronics*
• Master of Science (MSc) in Integrated Circuit Design*

*Joint degrees by TUM and NTU. Other degrees not indicated with an asterisk are TUM conferred degrees.

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