Dr. Hans Dieter Mueller



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Dr. Hans Dieter Mueller studied Chemistry at the Technical University Munich ( TUM ) and obtained his doctorate  (Dr.rer.nat in 1976) in metalorganic chemistry,  under the guidance of Prof Dr. E O Fischer ( Nobel Laureate ) and Prof Dr G Huttner. As part of his research, it was the first time a stable phosphiniden was synthesized; it contains a P Metal double bonding and the P could be considered to be P+1. In addition a stable 3 P ring was synthesized.

After this, Dr Mueller sojourned as a post doc to the university of Utah / USA, followed by a 1 year stay at the University of Konstanz / Germany. The stay in USA had an extreme impact on him, widening his horizons, and giving him a desire to sooner or later go abroad.

Dr Mueller joined the chemical industry in 1979. After four years in Germany, he was posted as an Area Representative to Singapore, accompanied by his wife. In between, he was also posted to Thailand for a year. During the first six years in Asia Dr Mueller learnt much about the business here, and finally opened his own industrial consulting firm, ” Far East Marketing and Consulting Pte Ltd ”. Here he continued to do what he knew, restructuring distribution systems, developing and executing regional marketing concepts, concentrating on the chemical industry and chemical related firms. Later on he was appointed to VP Sales AP for Budenheim, a chemical multinational company.

Despite the fact that his activities are majorly not chemistry related, Dr Mueller is still a chemist at heart with a bonding to the university where he studied – the TUM. Thus, he agreed to undertake the position of a lecturer at TUM Asia since its beginnings, and continue to do so 10 years into its set-up.

As of today, Dr Mueller’s  company is 24 years old ,and he has lived in Singapore for over 30 years – the red dot on the planet which him and his wife now call home.


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