A dynamic view of the aerospace industry would suggest that emerging economies will accelerate changes in the value chain. Variables such as the ability to understand global requirements; to design compelling and reliable aircrafts; and to develop programme management, supplier integration and aftermarket-support capabilities are imperative in determining the pace of development in the aerospace sector for any country.


Navigating through this complexity is a huge challenge for most aerospace and defense players and suppliers. Therefore, it is crucial to understand and identify the emerging trends to be able to respond with agility and boldness amidst an environment of change and uncertainty. Through sharing from experienced academics and researchers on key emerging trends and developments, we hope to raise awareness of the new opportunities and risks at play in today’s marketplace, help participants think differently of this environment and create new opportunities that will help the sectors grow.


Details of the Speaker Series’ Session
Date:     5 April 2017, Wednesday
Time:     3pm – 5:30pm (Refreshments will be served)
Venue:   SIT@SP Building (510 Dover Road #05-01 Singapore 139660)
Fee:       Complimentary


Who should attend?
Mechanical Engineering/Aerospace Engineering/Aviation professionals, civil servants, academics, researchers and students. Open to members of the public who work or study in related fields of Mechanical Engineering/Aerospace Engineering/Aviation.


3:00pm – Registration

3:15pm – Opening Address by the Singapore German Embassy & German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

3:30pm –  “3D Visualisation in Air Traffic Management”
Dr. Henry Johan, Principle Research Scientist
Fraunhofer IDM@NTU

4:15pm – “Development Trends in Aero Engine Compressors”
Prof. Volker Guemmer, Head of the Institute of Turbomachinery and Flight Propulsion
Technische Universität München (TUM)

5:00pm – Tea & Networking Session

5:30pm – End of Session

“3D Visualisation in Air Traffic Management”

Dr. Henry Johan
Principle Research Scientist
Fraunhofer IDM@NTU


Air traffic controllers (ATCOs) have to interpret and analyse information in a time critical manner. As such, an increase in air traffic density is becoming a major issue in air traffic control since the possibility of having more air traffic conflict is unavoidable. Currently, ATCOs monitor aircraft movement within their sectors on a 2D radar display only. As the amount of air traffic increases, it will be a challenge for ATCOs to mentally visualise 3D air traffic condition and thus it will affect their abilities in conflict detection and resolution. To better support ATCOs, in addition to 2D radar display, we develop 3D vertical situation display (3D VSD), which provides 3D visualisation of aircraft in a sector coupled with relevant information. By presenting air traffic in 3D, it will be easier for ATCOs to perceive the vertical separation among aircraft. Moreover, 3D VSD provides information that is not available in 2D radar display such as 3D visualisation of prohibited and danger areas including areas of bad weather. This will allow ATCOs to better identify the available airspace for managing air traffic. For ease of use, the interaction with 3D VSD is touch-based (finger touches and gestures) and performed on a tablet. Several user studies will be conducted to assess the usability of the developed 3D VSD.


“Development Trends in Aero Engine Compressors”

Prof. Volker Guemmer
Head, Institute of Turbomachinery and Flight Propulsion
Technische Universität München (TUM)


The compression system is a strong contributor to all attributes of an aero engine, such as performance, weight, cost and robustness. Significant improvements have been achieved in recent years and manufacturers continue developing and implementing new technologies in their products. Development trends and selected technologies in the field of mechanical compressor design and in particular the aerodynamic design of compressors will be presented, and finally potential future development options will be discussed.

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