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Not only do they challenge the stereotype of being a female engineer, they also make immense contributions in other areas for a good cause.


On 27 March 2019, TUM Alumni, together with representatives of Women in Asia and the industry, will be gathering to share inspiring stories of women leveraging on their technical expertise to give back to society. This discussion aims to inspire the community and the next generation to positively serve the community.


We invite all TUM alumni to attend and be encouraged by their stories.


TUM Alumni “Beyond Women In Tech” Workshop

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

7:00pm – 9:00pm

thebridge, 2 Science Park Dr, #01-07, Singapore 118222

Located at The Metro Room (Level 1)



Light refreshments will be provided.


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The Moderator:

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Claudia Finner

Director, DAAD Information Centre Singapore

Claudia Finner studied in Bonn (Germany) and Tokyo (Japan). She majored in Japanese, Korean, Economic studies and German as a Foreign language and holds a degree in translation. She has worked in Germany, Japan, South-Korea, Poland and India and joined the DAAD office Singapore in July 2014. She also teaches German at the National University of Singapore.



The Speakers:


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Ashwini Wali 

Analog IC Design Engineer, Marvell Asia Pte Ltd

MSc in Integrated Circuit Design (TUM Alumnus)

For Ashwini Wali, being passionate about electronics and the desire to understand the intricacies of an integrated circuit led her to pursue a Master of Science in Integrated Circuit Design at TUM Asia. After graduating, she joined Marvell Asia Pte. Ltd. as an Analog IC Design Engineer, working on the design of preamplifier chips, which are the brains of a Hard Disk Drive.

During her leisure time, she enjoys travelling, exploring new places, and reading novels. She is always keen to meet new people and is passionate about helping others. Driven by her compassion to help the community, she is always on the roll to find opportunities to serve the community or organize events such as TEDx, Volunteer at Red Cross, Marvell Care Day among others.

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Tai Jien Nee

Research Associate, Chugai Pharmabody Research Pte Ltd

MSc in Industrial Chemistry (TUM Alumnus)

A recent graduate of TUM Asia with her Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry, Jien Nee is very humbled by this invitation to be on the panel of tonight’s discussion. She is a chemist by training and spent six years studying in the US before she finally found her way back to Singapore. Jien Nee is currently doing research in the biopharmaceutical industry, where she is excited to be contributing to the development of novel medicines. Outside of the laboratory, you can find her singing with the Singapore Symphony Youth Choir, doing yoga, and eating. 

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Kah Yen Lim 

IT Manager, The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

Kah Yen Lim has over 15 years of extensive work experience in the healthcare industry, specializing in Customer Relationship Management and Project Management. She joined Johnson & Johnson more than 10 years ago as the IT lead for Janssen Singapore where she strengthened the customer experience by successfully leveraging on technology to improve business operations across ASEAN markets. In her most recent role as Solution Architect, Kah Yen continues to build and expand next generation integrated capabilities and co-create end to end solution designs that span across the Asia Pacific Region. Prior to joining Johnson & Johnson, she worked for IMS health Asia where she ran various training simulation programs for clients throughout the Asia Pacific region. Kah Yen graduated with a Bachelor of Computing in Information Systems from the National University of Singapore where she also pursued a Minor in Technopreneurship. She is married to Jack, an educator and is the mother of two mischievous but adorable children aged 5 and 8.

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Zoey Lee 

Full Stack Developer, Anqlave

Zoey Lee has been working in Singapore since November 2018. Before coming to Singapore, she has worked in various engineering roles across the globe, such as Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. In her recent roles, she has been working on developing a permissioned blockchain based-on the public blockchain and has also been building blockchain applications.

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