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We make use of aerospace everyday.

We use it for many purposes, such as for travel, monitoring the surroundings around us, or maintaining national security. Many of the world’s machines that help make our world go round, such as airplanes, spacecraft, drones, missiles, satellites, among others, are due to the brilliant minds of Aerospace Engineers. They make use of mathematics and science to create these innovative products.



Aerospace engineers are required to be precise and be extremely technical. An Aerospace engineer is also expected to be quick-thinking and come up with innovative solutions to solve problems. Whether it be working in the commercial airline sector, where meeting deadlines is essential to keep customers happy, or in the military sector where one would be working on machinery in dangerous situations, the efficient Aerospace engineer is required to work quickly without sacrificing quality.

Singapore is well-known to many as the “Aerospace city of the future”, according to the Economic Development Board (Singapore). As Asia’s leading one-stop solutions provider for aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) needs, contributing 10% to global MRO output.

Singapore’s strengths in MRO, precision engineering and electronics enable large corporations in the country to manufacture some of the most complex components like avionics computers and engine fan blades, supported by the country’s strong intellectual property regime.

The strong satellite capabilities of the small country has also allowed it to launch 13 small satellites since 2011. With ongoing partnerships with companies and research institutions, it aims to further develop Singapore’s satellite capabilities and create new opportunities in space.

To further expand and broaden their prospects and take the next leap at the opportunities in the Aerospace industry, a reputable Aerospace Engineering degree will teach you how to do this. By spending time and effort to understand the theories and learn from real-life examples, working in the Aerospace industry will become a reality.

Students who possess a degree in the relevant fields, and have a keen interest in working in the Aerospace industry may consider the Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering, which is awarded by Technical University of Munich (TUM). The postgraduate programme is a two year full-time programme conducted at TUM Asia in Singapore and caters to highly qualified engineers to meet the ever increasing demand from a growing aerospace sector in Singapore and the world.

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TUM professors from Germany, who have extensive experience in the latest trends in research and education as well as in global industrial product development and management, fly in to Singapore to teach on an exclusive basis. The non-technical subjects are taught by experts from the industry, from Asia and Europe alike.


Engineer the future we live in with a Master of Science degree from Technical University of Munich (TUM) Asia, the Singapore campus of Germany’s #1 University.

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