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7 Summer School Benefits – Make the Summer of 2020 be an unforgettable one
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Even though it’s the summer break, Technical University of Munich (TUM) Asia has a series of activities lined up for undergraduate students all around the world, known as its annual Summer School! Besides practicing or picking up new language skills, students can also learn about subjects that they are interested in, be it in the academic or cultural aspect. TUM Asia taps on its German Engineering expertise and ensures a well-rounded programme which allows students to make wonderful memories in Singapore, while learning something new from the variety of topics at the Summer School.  

Whether you are focused on your self-improvement, on your academic future, or on your professional career, the TUM Asia summer school programme has so much to offer. Here are 7 benefits of enrolling in a summer school abroad: 


  1. Increase your confidence
    Completing a summer school programme is a great way to show that you are a capable and self-reliant individual. The unique experience abroad often offers insights and provides them with new perspectives of the world, challenging them to have the confidence to pursue greater things in their life. 
  2. Develop language skills
    The TUM Asia Summer School allows students to develop their language skills in English and explores an introductory course to German. Regardless of whether English is a native language for you, do not be afraid to study in a programme in English as it allows you to advance your verbal and written language skills. The exposure that you gain is similar to what you would experience in the future globalised workplace.

  3. Make new friends across the world
    Undergraduate students from all countries across the world that are enrolled in recognised universities are invited to the TUM Asia Summer School. The interactive and fun environment at the Summer School allows you to forge new friendshipsFun  experiences through participating in the social activities, the friendly atmosphere, and the amazing shared memories are some of the key highlights brought up by previous participants. 
  4. Upgrade your CV
    Showcase the Summer School as part of your extracurricular activities, which promotes the growth of your character as an individual. One way that you can stand out is to list the skills that you gained during summer school and how they helped you perform better in a variety of settings. The skills shown in your CV will make a positive impression to potential employers and positively contribute to your future career path. 
  5. Support your education interests
    TUM Asia’s Summer School key topics covers an area of high interest and relevance to our current industry. By looking ahead at the trends, the topics presented are unique and satisfy your thirst for knowledge. If you are considering a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), this Summer School is the right one for you! In a highly competitive academic environment, showing interest in STEM topics will showcase your commitment to excel in your academic pursuits. 
  6. Study in the famous country of Singapore
    Part of international Summer School experience is also about experiencing a culture different from your own. There is much that Singapore can offer, such as a melting pot of cultures, a unique variety of food, an impressive garden city, cleaniness, amazing infrastructure, among others, which provides an enriching experience. 
  7.  Have lots of fun
    The TUM Asia Summer School is an highly entertaining experience, which can be attested by our previous participants. The engaging class activities make it a refreshing change for all students. Participating in special outings around Singapore held after the activities from the day make an unforgettable experience for many.  



Experience an unforgettable time in Singapore during your school break this Summer! Currently in its third intake, the TUM Asia Summer School is designed to offer an invaluable and fun learning experience for international students, blending pertinent and interesting topics alongside the eccentricities that define Singapore, while enabling students to gain an insight into German traditions and practices. 

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Automation – As the world fully embraces technology as the norm in our everyday lives, the interconnection via the Internet which allows modern devices and gadgets to communicate wirelessly with one another is now a widespread phenomenon. Learn more about the Industrial Internet of Things and how automation is revolutionising our lifestyle, while obtaining a broad understanding into Singapore and Germany in terms of culture and language. 



  • Industrial Internet of Things 
  • Automation in Modern Lifestyle 
  • Technology in the 2020s and beyond 
  • German Language 
  • Understanding Singapore as a racially diverse nation



2 August – 13 August 2020 

TUM Asia Campus (Singapore) 



SGD $1,950 per participant  

This Fee is applicable to one participant per Fee, and the Fee is inclusive of accommodation, classes, and activity costs during the stipulated dates of the Summer School. Airfare, meals, personal leisure activities, public transport fares as well as travel insurance are not included in the fee.

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