Alumni Feature (Industrial Chemistry): Christian Löffeld

04 December 2018



Having completed his Bachelor’s Degree in the Technical University of Munich, Christian decided to venture out of Europe and pursue his Master’s degree in Singapore. The Verbinden team spoke to him to find out more about his study experience in Asia.


Hi Christian! Can you tell us about yourself and where you currently are?

Christian:  I grew up in the southwest of Germany and studied a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry atthe Technical University of Munich (TUM). I came across the Master of Science degree in TUM Asia, Singapore, and enrolled into the Industrial Chemistry Master’s program. Upon completion, I moved to the United Kingdom to study a PhD in Analytical Chemistry at Imperial College London and conducted my postdoctoral research in the Netherlands. Currently, I am back in Germany and I am working as a Software Engineer at a company that specializes in the development of medical instruments.

So, why Singapore?

Christian: Up till my undergraduate studies at TUM, I have been living in Germany and the idea of studying abroad was rather enticing then. Even though there were abundant study opportunities in Europe, I came across the Master’s program in Industrial Chemistry at TUM Asia, Singapore, and decided that this program was the right fit for me.

It’s been a while since you left Singapore. What is one fond memory of your time at TUM Asia?

Christian: Studying at TUM Asia has given me the opportunity to meet an extraordinarily diverse group of wonderful people. The two years spent in Singapore were filled with so many special memories that it would be hard to name just one. But if I must, one unforgettable experience I had would be when my friends from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) invited me to the WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance) festival in Singapore. It was a great time being able to experience such a warm and energetic atmosphere here in Asia.

Being a student from the early years of TUM Asia, how would you describe your education journey?

Christian: Back in TUM, I was first introduced to the fields of catalysis and organometallic chemistry. At TUM Asia, I was able to expand my knowledge on Chemistry as I was introduced to a wide range of related topics. I enjoyed the curriculum that was offered at TUM Asia and some of the topics that stood out to me back then were x-ray crystallography of proteins and project engineering. Besides that, I was also able to learn from established lecturers in National University of Singapore (NUS).


We need to learn to embrace changes by remaining curious and by constantly deepening our existing skill set.“


Do you find that your Master’s education has prepared you for your current job responsibilities?

Christian: Certainly. Studying at TUM Asia and in Singapore has allowed me to extensively discover a diverse range of perspectives in academic, social and cultural life. My experiences have equipped me with an increased sense of awareness towards the intricacies of life outside of Central Europe.

Is there a reason why you chose this career path?

Christian: I have always been interested in analyzing and stimulating scientific processes. As a software engineer in a company that produces medical devices, I get to be involved in solving interesting problems related to various types of scientific processes.

How can engineers like yourself seek to stay relevant to the evolving demands of industry?

Christian: Coming from a background in quantitative discipline has trained and prepared me to face challenges in the industry. We need to learn to embrace changes by remaining curious and by constantly deepening our existing skill set.

As TUM Asia turns 15 this year, share your thoughts with us!

Christian: Amazing! Happy Birthday TUM Asia! In my opinion, TUM Asia has built a wonderful environment to nurture young scientists and engineers and get them involved in international collaboration and understanding. To my fellow alumni and current students, we are a blessed bunch! I hope that in return, our efforts would help to improve the lives of others and benefit the society.


Christian Löffeld is a graduate in the joint TUM-NUS Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry programme. More information about the programme here >>

This interview was published in the Verbinden Spring 2018 issue >>


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