TUM Asia is a full (100%) subsidiary of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), and TUM Asia operates in Singapore as a foreign branch campus of a German state university. The set-up of TUM Asia in 2002 was under the invitation of the Singapore government via the Economic Development Board (EDB) and is recognized by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to Singapore. Professor Wolfgang A. Herrmann, President of TUM and Academic Director of TUM Asia, together with Dr. Markus Waechter, the Managing Director of TUM Asia, provide the oversight to the operations of TUM Asia.


Below you will find the organizational charting of TUM Asia’s corporate set-up, with manpower further classified into the various functions necessary to support the administrative implementation of the degree courses offered in Singapore. Students have direct communication means with their academic officers and managers, while partner universities and external parties will be directed to the respective department for assistance based on their request for information.

Organigram GIST-TUM Asia 2017

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