Prof. Dr. Michael Rossbach


PhD, Immunology

Email: rossbachm@gis.a-star.edu.sg
Tel: +65 6808 8030


Michael Rossbach (*1978) is currently the head of Strategic Alliances of the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS), and helds various academic faculty appointments at the National University of Singapore (NUS), the Bonn-Aachen International Centre for Information Technology (b-it) and at the Witten School of Management (WSM) in Germany. Prior to joing the GIS, he was a group leader at the Institute of Reconstructive Neurobiology, University of Bonn, and the Business Development Manager of LIFE&BRAIN Cellomics in Germany. As an entrepreneur, he has co-founded several start-ups in the biotech and life science sector. Michael sits on several boards of km2e & Company, works with the Biotech Developpement Conseils in France and is Venture Partner of Triangle Venture Capital Group in Germany. Michael studied biology and chemistry at the University of Bonn, the University of New South Wales in Sydney and biochemistry at the private University of Witten/Herdecke. He did his PhD in immunology at the University of Witten/Herdecke and at Harvard Medical School in Boston. As a Post Doctoral Fellow, he joined the Genome Institute of Singapore and returned to Singapore in 2011 to work with A*STAR again. At TUM Asia, Michael lectures biochemistry, cell biology and bio-organic chemistry in the Industrial Chemistry Master’s program.


Michael’s research interests lie in gene regulation, genomics and non-coding RNAs, (neuro) stem cell biology and signaling. For personalized medicine, Michael is interested in both the scientific and economic challenges to translate genomics into clinical applications.


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